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Black History Experts

NOTE : February is African-American History Month.

African-American history

Leo A. Bryant
Vice chancellor, student services, Purdue Calumet

Dean of students

(219) 989-2367

E-mail, labryant@calumet.purdue.edu

Interested in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement in the South and what the movement should mean on college campuses today. Regular campus presenter on black history.

Susan Curtis
Associate professor, history

(765) 494-4159

Studies American cultural history from 1865 to 1930. Has written two books: "Dancing to a Black Man's Tune: A Life of Scott Joplin" (1994) about the black musician; and "A Consuming Faith: The Social Gospel and Modern American Culture" (1991) about Protestant reformers.

Anthony J. Lemelle
Associate professor, sociology and anthropology

(765) 494-4702

E-mail, lemelle@sri.soc.purdue.edu

Studies cultural and historical issues relating to African-Americans.

Vernon J. Williams Jr.
Associate professor, history

(765) 494-4122/494-4144

Conducts research in African-American history and the history of race relations. Author of "From a Caste to a Minority." Has been an editor of the New England Journal of Black Studies since 1990.

African-American studies

Cheryl L. Berry
Director, Upward Bound, Education Opportunities

Program, Purdue Calumet

(219) 989-2392

E-mail, pe@calumet.purdue.edu

Versed in black studies, particularly black female writers and the Harlem renaissance.

Leonard Harris
Professor, philosophy

Director, African-American Studies and Research


(765) 494-5680

E-mail, lharris@purdue.edu

Is an editor of the "American Philosophical Association Newsletter." Is the author of "Philosophy Born of Struggle" and "Philosophy of Alain Loche."

Cultural diversity

Myra DeBow Mason
Director, Diversity Resource Office

(765) 494-7305

Conducted campus climate survey on attitudes about diversity with a grant from Lilly Endowment. Chaired Purdue University committee that drafted anti-harassment policy in 1994. Policy has since become a model for other colleges and universities. Developed Diversi-Team, a group of faculty, staff and students that conducts workshops and seminars about cultural diversity and tolerance. Daughter of a Tuskegee airman who sued the federal government during World War II to allow blacks to train and serve as military combat pilots.