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Virus Experts

Antiviral agents

Donald E. Bergstrom
Walther Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

(765) 494-6275

E-mail: dbergstr@pharmacy.purdue.edu

Expertise includes antiviral agent design and synthesis, drug transport and delivery. Research focuses on the synthesis of modified oligonucleotides designed to block retrovirus nucleic acid expression and oncogenes implicated in cancer. Has constructed many compounds with antiviral activity, including one selectively active against herpes zoster . Also working to develop drugs for AIDS-associated viral infections. Is a Fellow of the National Institutes of Health.

Stephen R. Byrn
Charles B. Jordan Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

Head, Department of Industrial & Physical Pharmacy

Director, Center for AIDS Research

(765) 494-1460

E-mail: byrn@vm.cc.purdue.edu

Has conducted research on the design and synthesis of anti-AIDS agents targeted to the RNA template. Consults for numerous pharmaceutical companies on the methods for stabilizing and characterizing solid pharmaceuticals.

Edward H. Simon
Professor, biological sciences

(765) 494-4991

E-mail: esimon@bilbo.bio.purdue.edu

Teaches about HIV and AIDS, and does research on interferon and viral genetics. Has written for newspapers and worked with television in these areas. Member of American Society of Microbiology, American Society of Virology, and International Society for Interferon and Cytokine Research.

Thomas J. Smith
Associate professor, biology

(765) 494-8038

E-mail: tom@bragg.bio.purdue.edu

Expertise in areas of viruses and immunology. Research focuses on how antibodies kill viruses and the structure of various viral components. Research includes examination of antibody-mediated neutralization of the common cold virus, human rhinovirus 14 (HRV14). Also using crystallography with electron microscopy to probe the structure of several togaviruses, a family of viruses responsible for several tropical diseases, such as yellow fever and dengue.

Cold virus

Michael G. Rossmann
Hanley Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences

Director, Lucille P. Markey Center for Structural Studies

(765) 494-4911

E-mail: mgr@indiana.bio.purdue.edu

Uses X-ray crystallography to study biological structures in three dimensions to determine how these molecules function. Has worked extensively with the media in these areas. Current studies focus on various animal and bacterial viruses, including the human immunodeficiency (HIV) virus. In 1985, his group became the first to solve the structure of an animal virus when it mapped the three-dimensional structure of a common cold virus, making it possible to study surface features and interactions of a cold virus at atomic resolution. In 1986, his team pinpointed the site in a common-cold virus where antiviral agents bind and work to prevent the virus from reproducing. More recently, his team became the first to map the structure of a virus that contains single-stranded DNA.

Thomas J. Smith
For biography, see "Antiviral agents"


Joseph W. Camp Jr.
Associate professor, biological sciences

Purdue North Central

(219) 785-5204

E-mail: dirus@purduenc.edu

Is a parasitologist. Has directed and carried out studies on the spread of Lyme disease and hantavirus through parasites carried on rodents. In 1994-95 completed a statewide survey of hantavirus carried by rodents in Indiana. Current research involves studies of zebra mussels and round gobies in southern Lake Michigan.

HIV/Drug development

Donald E. Bergstrom
For biography, see "Antiviral agents"

Stephen R. Byrn
For biography, see "Antiviral agents"


Michael G. Rossmann
For biography, see "Cold virus"

Mathematical models

Fabio A. Milner
Professor, mathematics

(765) 494-1922/1926

E-mail: milner@math.purdue.edu

Has expertise in areas of demography and population dynamics; social interaction in college and sexually transmitted diseases; psychological issues in mathematics education. Developed mathematical models of population growth and disease epidemics, especially AIDS, via computer simulations.

Viral genetics

Edward H. Simon
For biography, see "Antiviral agents"

Virus/Vaccine development

Peixuan Guo
Associate professor, molecular virology

(765) 494-7561

E-mail: guo@vet.purdue.edu

Is an expert on viruses, viral diseases, genetic engineering and vaccine development. Also is studying virus assembly to understand ways to construct a system for gene delivery for cancer therapy. Editor of international journal Seminars in Virology.