Stress Experts

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Art therapy

Phoebe M. Farris
Associate professor, art and design

(765) 494-3059/494-3058

Is co-author of "Art Therapy and Psychotherapy: Blending Two Therapeutic Approaches." Is a member of the American Art Therapy Association. Has utilized art therapy with children.

Children and stress

Jean E. Dumas
Professor, psychological sciences

Director, Child and Adolescent Clinic

(765) 494-0119; home: (765) 463-3181


Is an expert on parent-child relationships, family problems and childhood aggression. Performs clinical work with families with psychological difficulties and treats aggressive children. Can discuss childhood aggression with regard to peer rejection and depression.

Gerald E. Gruen
Professor, psychology

Head, Department of Psychological Sciences

(765) 494-6061; home: (765) 463-5560


Has studied stress and coping including loneliness in adolescence and children's coping with chronic illness.

P. Youli Mantzicopoulos
Associate professor, educational psychology

(765) 494-7247; home: (765) 447-4416


Studies personality development and young children at risk of school failure. Evaluates early education programs for at-risk children by investigating family, school and child characteristics. Assesses joint effects of family and school environment on children's social, emotional and academic development.

Judith A. Myers-Walls
Associate professor and Extension specialist, child

development and family studies

(765) 494-0503; home: (765) 742-1632


Can discuss child stress related to disasters and tragedy. Has conducted studies asking parents how they talk to their children about war and peace issues. Studied how television coverage of the Gulf War affected children. Is an expert in nonviolent toys and activities for children. Is co-author of "Young Peacemakers Project Book" and "Peace Works."

Volker K. Thomas
Assistant professor, child development and family


(765) 494-2966; home: (765) 497-3452


Research includes assessment of family functioning, cross-cultural issues and how they affect family values, and gender issues in family therapy. Oversees a Head Start project to assess families with children in the program and provide them with family therapy services. Other interests include ethical issues in marriage and family therapy and grief issues.


Janice L. DeLucia-Waack
Associate professor, counseling and development

(765) 494-9748


Research includes eating disorders, supervision, group counseling and gender role identity. Treats eating disorders and obesity.

Marifran Mattson
Instructor, communications

(765) 494-2587

Studied the impact of HIV counseling on clients' compliance with safe-sex practices. Teaches health communication.

Douglas H. Sprenkle
Professor, family studies

Director, Family Research Institute

(765) 494-2952


Can discuss a wide range of family counseling topics including dating, marriage, sex and divorce.

Death and dying

Patricia A. Babcock
Associate professor, nursing

Purdue North Central at Westville

(219) 785-5208; home: (219) 926-1590


Has expertise in thanatology, which is the study of death and its surrounding circumstances, and has conducted and participated in workshops around the country on grief and death and dying.

Victor G. Cicirelli
Professor, developmental and aging psychology

(765) 494-6925; home: (765) 743-9771


Has expertise in family relationships in the aging family. Studies sibling relationships throughout adulthood; effects of relationships when adult children care for elderly parents; and euthanasia in old age.

Jean E. Prebis
Associate professor, psychology

Director, Gerontology Center at Calumet

(219) 989-2383; (219) 462-4574

Is an expert on aging and death and dying. Has been active in developing a community gerontology program.

Clifford H. Swensen Jr.
Professor, clinical psychology

(765) 494-6977; home: (765) 463-6822


Teaches principles and techniques of psychotherapy, interpersonal relations and clinical gerontological psychology. Supervises adult clinical psychology practica. Recent research examines problems in long-term marriages and the impact of cancer on marriage and family relationships. Is expert on interpersonal relationships, particularly love relationships.


Karen Altergott
Associate professor, family studies

(765) 494-7859


Organized and documented a seven-nation study of daily life in old age. Researched the influence of social relationships in averting depression among elderly cancer patients. Current work focuses on transracial adoption and marriage across the life span.

Jean E. Dumas
For biography, see "Children and stress"


Douglas H. Sprenkle
For biography, see "Counseling"

Kathryn N. Black
Assistant professor, psychology

(765) 494-6221


Is the author of a book on divorce and offspring. Has studied children's reactions to parental absence because of death or divorce. Will be available only during fall semesters through year 2000.

Family violence

Victoria D. Coleman
Associate professor, vocational education

(765) 494-7290; home: (765) 743-5599


Specializes in counseling psychology; sport psychology; marriage and family therapy; sexual assault and domestic violence.

Elizabeth Grauerholz
Professor, family and gender

(765) 494-4691; home: (765) 497-3810


Studies families and the effects of violence on family dynamics. Focuses on gender differences in attitude toward violent behavior.

Dean D. Knudsen
Professor, sociology

Head, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

(765) 494-4666; home: (765) 463-6849


Expertise and research focus on family violence, including its social and legal ramifications. Books include "Child Maltreatment: Emerging Perspective," published in 1992; and "Child Protective Services: Discretion, Decisions and Dilemmas." Published papers focus on child abuse and neglect, reporting child maltreatment, youth services, and battered women and shelters.

Joann L. Miller
Associate professor, sociology

Chair, graduate committee, sociology and


(765) 494-4699


Is an expert on domestic violence and victim resources. Studies violence against women here and in other countries.


Patricia A. Babcock
For biography, see "Death and dying"

Volker K. Thomas
For biography, see "Children and stress"


Terry S. Trepper
Professor, psychology, marriage and family therapy

Purdue Calumet at Hammond

(219) 989-2541

Is co-author of "Systemic Treatment of Incest: A Therapeutic Handbook" and "Treating Incest: A Multiple Systems Perspective." Has been co-investigator on two large projects funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse to study family-therapy approaches for adolescents and women who are substance abusers. Is principal investigator on a new grant to study the efficacy of couples' therapy for in-patient drug-abusing women in Seattle. Is a consultant to mental health centers and other social service agencies and a licensed psychologist in Indiana and Illinois.


Gerald Gruen
For biography, see "Children and stress"

Betsy Hoza
Assistant professor, psychological science

(765) 494-6996

Research interests include motivation and achievement in children diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Also studies peer relations, loneliness and self-concept in school-age children and the treatment of ADHD.

Phobias and anxiety

Scott R. Vrana
Associate professor, clinical psychology

(765) 494-0782


Studies the effect of emotion on thought processes. Recent work examines the emotional reactions of African-Americans to real or imagined interactions with persons of other races. Has researched anxiety disorders with special attention to post-traumatic stress disorder. Counseled veterans of the Vietnam War at the Jackson, Miss., Veterans Administration Center.

Post-traumatic stress

Scott R. Vrana
For biography, see "Phobias and anxiety"


Dena B. Targ
Associate professor, Extension specialist, child

development and family studies

(765) 494-2937


Interests include families and work and women's studies. Has conducted extensive research on the effect of unemployment on communities, families and individuals. Is co-author of the book "Plant Closings: International Context and Social Costs."