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Property tax policy

Lawrence P. DeBoer Jr.

Professor, state and local government policy
(765) 494-4314

Has expertise in state and local government taxes, expenditures and organization. Has published research on property taxes, local government economies of scale and state lotteries. Has conducted programs on property tax assessment, local income taxes and the Indiana budget.

James A. Papke

Professor, economics and public finance
Director, Center for Tax Policy Studies
(765) 494-4442

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, has directed more state and local tax studies than anyone else in history. Is a regular contributor to professional journals and makes frequent appearances at legislative hearings and other public forums on topics related to business taxation and economic development.

Farmland values

Julian H. Atkinson

Professor and Extension specialist, agricultural economics
(765) 494-4266

Has expertise in farmland values and leasing arrangements for farm management.

Farmland assessment techniques

Joseph Yahner

Professor and Extension specialist, agronomy
(765) 494-8049

Worked with the use of soil maps to determine value of land for assessment purposes for the Indiana Tax Commissioner's Agricultural Advisory Council. Also has expertise in rural land use planning, farmland valuation, and water-quality issues in rural areas. Has more than 25 years Extension and research experience.

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