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Religion Experts


Donald W. Mitchell
Professor, philosophy

(765) 494-4281


Expert on interfaith relations and religious traditions across various faiths. Most recent interest in the dialogue between Christians and Buddhists. Is author of the book "Spirituality and Emptiness, The Dynamics of Spiritual Life in Buddhism and Christianity."


James D. Davidson Jr.
Professor, sociology

(765) 494-4688

Is author, co-author or co-editor of three books: "Faith and Social Ministry" (1990), "American Catholic Laity in a Changing Church" (1989) and "Mobilizing Social Movement Organizations" (1985). Teaches a course on the social significance of religion. Studies Catholics' religious beliefs and practices. Has studied the history behind the ban on churches participating in partisan politics. Is the executive secretary of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion; president of the Religious Research Association.


Arvind Rajagopal
Assistant professor, communication

(765) 494-3317

Expert on India and Third World culture. Studies Hindu nationalism and religious nationalism in general.

History of religion

Susan Curtis
Associate professor, history

(765) 494-4159


Studies American cultural history from 1865 to 1930. Wrote "A Consuming Faith: The Social Gospel and Modern American Culture" (1991) about Protestant reformers in late 19th and early 20th century America. (Will be on sabbatical during 1997 spring semester.)

Roger K. Finke
Associate professor, sociology and anthropology

Director, Social Research Institute

(765) 494-4715


Co-wrote "The Churching of America, 1776-1990." Contributes to publications on church membership and the role of religion in America during the past 200 years. Also studied the growth and regulation of religion internationally. Teaches a course on the social significance of religion. Member of the executive board for the Religious Research Association. (On sabbatical during 1996 fall semester .)

Jacqueline Marina
Assistant professor, philosophy

(765) 494-3979


Has expertise in the philosophy of religion; history of Christianity; theology; ethics; and the philosophy of art. Specializes in 18th and 19th century philosophy of religion.

Philosophy and religion

Jacqueline Marina
For biography, see "History of religion"

Calvin O. Schrag
George Ade Distinguished Professor of Philosophy

(765) 494-4280


Research focuses on communicative theory and reason. Also has expertise in human behavior, rationality and the study of religious knowledge.

Religion and science

Roberto Colella
Professor, physics

(765) 494-3029


Helps bring well-known scientists to campus to speak on how science and religion relate to each other. Will discuss the topic of science and faith.

John R. Albright
Professor, physics

Head, Department of Chemistry and Physics

Purdue Calumet

(219) 989-2284


Is an expert on science and religion. Has given talks on a physicist's view of evolution. Member of the American Physical Society, Institute for Religion in an Age of Science, and Cosmos and Creation.

Religion and society

Andrew Buckser
Assistant professor, anthropology

(765) 496-2857


Is interested in social aspects of religious movements. Has written the book "Communities of Faith" about three Lutheran sects in Denmark. Studies anthropology of religion, symbolic anthropology, psychological anthropology, anthropology of Europe and Scandinavia ,and historical anthropology.

James D. Davidson Jr.
For biography, see "Catholicism"

Roger K. Finke
For biography, see "History of religion"

Religious anthropology

Andrew Buckser
For biography, see "Religion and society"


Donald W. Mitchell
For biography, see "Buddhism"