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Consumer Affairs Experts

Consumer behavior

Richard A. Feinberg
Professor, consumer sciences and retailing

Head, Department of Consumer Sciences and


Director, Purdue Retail Institute

(765) 494-8296; home: (765) 497-0332


Has written national studies on consumer behavior and retailing and has been published in major journals. Serves as consultant for several professional groups and has extensive experience with national print and broadcast media.

Richard N. Heslin
Associate professor, psychological sciences

Coordinator, Graduate Research in Consumer


(765) 494-6891; home: (765) 743-3273


Has studied the gift-giving mentality and has developed a saver/spender scale to rate what types of gifts individual givers will buy.

Letty Workman
Assistant professor, consumer sciences and retailing

(765) 494-7860; home: (765) 497-2103


Has expertise in retail environments. Special interest in consumer behavior, promotional strategies and psychometric scales.

Consumer credit

Janet C. Bechman
Extension specialist, family resource management

(765) 494-8309; home: (317) 583-0659


Has expertise in personal and family budgeting. Has special interest in credit and women's financial knowledge and decision making. Also interested in long-term care financing.

Robert W. Johnson
Professor emeritus, management

Senior research associate, Credit Research Center

(765) 494-4380


Consults and testifies about consumer credit. Research areas include consumer bankruptcy, credit reporting and privacy, and credit cards. The center is the only academic research center in the United States devoted to the study of economic issues related to consumer and mortgage credit.

Michael E. Staten
Executive director, Credit Research Center

(765) 494-4380


Can discuss bankruptcy, credit cards and other forms of consumer credit. Research focuses on the economics of the financial services industry, particularly markets for consumer credit and insurance. Is a member of board of trustees for the National Foundation for Consumer Credit and is co-author of the monthly newsletter Consumer Trends for the International Credit Association. The Credit Research Center is the only academic research center in the United States devoted to the study of issues related to consumer and mortgage credit.

Consumer credit (cont.)

A. Charlene Sullivan
Associate professor, management

(765) 494-4382


Has published numerous articles on consumer credit, bankruptcy and personal financial planning. Serves on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Was 1994 recipient of R.B. and Mary Stewart Distinguished Teaching Award.

Consumer economics

Janet C. Bechman
For biography, see "Consumer credit."

Sharon A. Devaney
Assistant professor, consumer science and retailing

(765) 494-8300


Expert in financial management over the life course and economic security in retirement. Research in retirement planning, financing long-term health care and financial well-being of the elderly. A certified financial counselor.

Barbara R. Rowe
Associate professor, consumer sciences

Extension specialist, family resource management

(765) 494-8316


Has done extensive research on home-based businesses, economic impact of divorce, child support, family-owned businesses and the economic well-being of women and children. Is heavily involved in Extension activities in these areas.

A. Charlene Sullivan
For biography, see "Consumer credit."

Flora L. Williams
Associate professor, consumer sciences and


Director, Financial Counseling and Planning Program

(765) 494-8297


Has written three textbooks and more than 100 articles in the areas of family and consumer economics and family financial management. Serves as an expert witness in court cases involving economic value of family services.

Consumer marketing

Thelma L. Snuggs
Assistant professor, consumer sciences and retailing

Coordinator, Retail Management Program

(765) 494-8298


Has done research on consumer marketing, marketing to minority consumers and African-American economic development.

Customer satisfaction

Jon Anton
Adjunct professor, consumer sciences

Acting executive director, Center for Customer-

Driven Quality

(765) 494-8357

Purdue's Center for Customer-Driven Quality is the only such center at a university preparing students specifically for careers in customer service. Has worked in private industry and helped more than 200 companies improve their service quality.

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