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Experts on Addictions


Mark R. Lehto
Associate professor, industrial engineering

(765) 494-5428


Research focuses on human decision-making, knowledge acquisition and other cognitive tasks. Has studied risk-taking behavior, including adolescents' attitudes toward the use of alcohol and factors influencing use of helmets by ATV riders. Also has studied worker interaction with warning signs, labels and instructions, as well as effectiveness of product warnings and instructions.


R. Colleen DeTurk
Assistant professor, nursing

(765) 494-4012; home: (317) 463-2465


Has given presentations on alcoholism and the aged, U.S. health care, and the old-old. Is a member of the American Nurses Association, Association of Gerontology in Higher Education and "Who's Who in American Nursing." Is a registered nurse in Indiana.

Margaret Q. Krach
Associate professor, nursing

(765) 494-4026; home: (317) 743-2833


Has studied prescription drug use and misuse by seniors in Midwest. Is a member of review panel of the Journal of Gerontological Nursing. Has studied the abuse of alcohol by the elderly and situation of working adults who are primary caregivers for the elderly. Has special interest in health needs/functionality of people over age 85.

Drugs/addiction and therapy

Robert A. Lewis
Compton Distinguished Professor of Child Development and Family Studies

(765) 494-2931


Has conducted extensive research and written numerous professional publications on family causes and treatment of drug abuse. Conducted a five-year study on ways to treat drug-abusing women, focusing on couple therapy. Has also studied teen drinking and smoking. Has researched and written articles on stress of fathers with adult children and fathers whose children return home after a period of independence.

Fred P. Piercy
Professor, family therapy

Director, Marriage and Family Therapy Program

(765) 494-2950; home: (317) 463-9863


Previously worked in Indonesia, where he supervised research and gave seminars on family therapy, delinquency and drug abuse. Has written extensively on marriage- and family-related issues. Wrote the 1994 book "How to Stop Marital Fights Before They Start." Conducted a study of counselors and therapists to determine under what circumstances they would reveal to authorities the unsafe-sex practices of clients who might infect others with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Also coordinated an AIDS prevention project funded by the World AIDS Foundation.

Drugs/addiction and therapy (cont.)

Stephen T. Tiffany
Professor, addictive behavior

(765) 494-8509; home: (317) 743-670


Has expertise on drug urges and cravings, drug tolerance and dependence, and treatments for cigarette smoking. Is a consultant to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Conducts both human and animal studies on tolerance, dependence, craving and drug-taking behavior, looking at the contribution of learning and cognition to addictive disorders. Recent studies have looked at learning and biological factors in the development of drug tolerance. Is investigating the measurement of drug craving and examining the role of craving in addiction. Has appeared on national TV and radio.

Terry S. Trepper
Professor, psychology, marriage and family therapy

(219) 989-2541 (Purdue-Calumet)

Has been co-investigator on two large projects funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse to study family-therapy approaches for adolescents and women who are substance abusers. Is principal investigator on a new grant to study the efficacy of couples' therapy for in-patient drug-abusing women in Seattle. Is a fellow of the American Psychological Association. Is co-author of "Systemic Treatment of Incest: A Therapeutic Handbook" and "Treating Incest: A Multiple Systems Perspective." Is a consultant to mental health centers and other social service agencies and a licensed psychologist in Indiana and Illinois. Has a family psychology practice in northwest Indiana.

Drugs/employee assistance programs

Howard Adler
Associate professor, hotel management

(765) 494-5998; home: (317) 583-2270


Has published works about utilization of personnel in hotels, including topics such as employee assistance programs for drug and alcohol abuse. Also is involved with hotel occupancy forecasting data.


Stephen B. Hooser
Assistant professor, veterinary toxicology

Head, Toxicology Section, Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory

(765) 494-6831; home: (317) 449-5807


Is studying in rats how a chemical found in cigarette smoke may cause birth defects by damaging male sperm. Is an expert on poisonings in animals and on chemicals that cause damage to the liver or to ovaries and testes. Is board certified in veterinary toxicology.

Robert A. Lewis
See "Drugs/addiction and therapy"

Stephen T. Tiffany
See "Drugs/addiction and therapy"