August 16, 1996 Newsmakers

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"We want them to be able to handle the tough times so that they can rise above the performance slumps," says Joan Duda in articles in USA Today and the Chicago Tribune that appeared before the US women's gymnastics team executed their gold-medal performances. Duda, professor of physical education, is sports psychologist to the U.S. women's gymnastics team. She stresses performing your best rather than winning. She said too much attention on results can lead to problems such as eating disorders and low self-esteem.

Wash with cool not warm water for about 20 minutes if you accidentally get toxic chemicals on your skin, advises Lila Albin , an industrial hygienist with Radiological and Environmental Management, in a Family Circle article on household hazards. That's because warm water can speed up the chemical reaction. (960807 ler)

"In America, each girl and boy can grow up to be vice president, and that's just the chance they have to take," was how Bob Schiefer, Washington correspondent of CBS Evening News, concluded his broadcast the evening that Bob Dole selected Jack Kemp to be his running mate. The quote (which was attributed on-air) was taken from Bland Ambition , a book on the vice presidency written by Steve Tally , science writer for University News Service and Agricultural Communication Service. Tally also was interviewed about Dole's choice by the Gannett News Service, by the Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch , by the new cable/Internet channel MS-NBC and by WTHR-13 in Indianapolis. (swt 8/13/96)

Is there a credit doctor in the house? "Personal bankruptcy is spreading like a virus," Robert Johnson , researcher in the Credit Research Center, tells Time magazine. Experts predict that overwhelming credit debt will cause 1 million people to go belly-up by year's end. (960815vic)

Faculty and students in the School of Nuclear Engineering have built a scaled-down version of a new design of nuclear reactor and are currently testing the design's safety systems. The new design relies on gravity rather than mechanical pumps to circulate coolant through the reactor during normal operations, and the safety systems also depend on gravity to automatically drain pools of water into the reactor in case of an accident. An article describing the test facility appeared in the Los Angeles Times . (960814/aas)

Semiconductors that emit blue laser light may soon replace the tiny infrared lasers currently found in compact-disc players and CD-ROMs, enabling a single audio CD to store all nine of Beethoven's symphonies, instead of just one. So predicts Robert Gunshor , Thomas Duncan Distinguished Professor of Microelectronics, in an article he wrote for Scientific American with a colleague from Brown University. In 1991 the Purdue-Brown team, and independently 3M Co., developed the first blue and green laser diodes. In the article Gunshor describes the history of the blue laser, current research and the future of the technology. (980814/aas)

In an article headlined "Why even chewing the fat is bad for you," Richard Mattes , associate professor of foods and nutrition says that simply tasting fat -- not even swallowing it -- can alter the way the body processes fats already in the stomach. "The health implications could be significant," he says. The taste of fat triggered a surge in triglycerides, which at large levels are though to increase a person's risk of heart disease. His research was reported in New Scientist and Science News . (960809/baf)

Owners can give themselves -- and their pets -- peace of mind through a program by the same name in the School of Veterinary Medicine. Pet owners arrange for an estate gift to be made to the school after their death. The school then is responsible for finding a good home for the animal and providing medical care for the rest of its life. The program was described in an article in the Arizona Republic via an Indianapolis Star and News wire story. (960807 ler)

Purdue researchers have found a link between a lack of omega-3 fatty acids and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In an Associated Press story, John Burgess , assistant professor of foods and nutrition, says the researchers are looking for alternatives to the use of Ritalin in treating kids with ADHD. "We are trying to find potential causes of ADHD so that nutritional treatments can be developed." Among papers carrying news of the research were the Dallas Morning News , Atlanta Constitution and (Minneapolis) Star Tribune . (960809/baf)

Michael Campion's resume-writing tips are getting the job done in numerous publications across the country. Campion, professor of organizational behavior and resource management, tells the Philadelphia Inquirer that one of the most important things to include is that "little bit of extra information that tells employers you are exactly what they are looking for." (960815vic)

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