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Consumer and Family Sciences programs rank high

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- Undergraduate programs in Purdue University's School of Consumer and Family Sciences (CFS) ranked fourth overall among schools with home economics-type programs. The ranking is in the latest edition of the Gourman Report, which rates undergraduate programs in more than 140 majors at American and international universities.

In the previous edition, Purdue's CFS programs had ranked fifth overall.

In individual majors, the recent report ranked Purdue fourth in dietetics; sixth in areas of nutrition and food services management; and seventh in food science and restaurant, hotel and institutional management programs.

"Purdue's national reputation is due in large part to the outstanding individual school programs," said Dennis Savaiano, dean of CFS. "Nationally recognized programs exist throughout the university in agriculture, science, engineering and other schools. CFS is proud to be a highly regarded part of this university."

Associate Dean Christine Ladisch said new majors are part of the success of Purdue's CFS programs. "We are doing some unique things. Our major in nutrition fitness and health is one of our fastest growing programs. In the last year we also have added programs in sales and small business," she said.

The Gourman Report ranks programs based on educators' evaluations; information about programs offered and funding levels; and responses from professionals who rate the success of graduates from those institutions and disciplines.

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