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July 26, 1996

Purdue agriculture plays role in State Fair

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- Some visitors to this year's Indiana State Fair may be surprised to learn that Purdue agriculture is more than corn and cows.

Exhibits designed to represent the far-reaching effects of Purdue University research and education will be on display during the State Fair, Aug. 7-18 in Indianapolis.

"Several new displays focus on the Extension service and the many ways it touches Indiana lives," said Tammy Lawson, State Fair exhibit coordinator. "Water quality, food safety, international programs, food nutrition, integrated pest management and 4-H in Action are just a few of the areas that are being showcased."

The Purdue Cooperative Extension Service will provide interactive and educational displays concerning the many facets of Extension. "Extension Is" provides visitors with a brief overview of the history, purpose and organization of the Extension service in Indiana and the ways Extension impacts Hoosier lives.

  1. H members will perform hands-on demonstrations of chemical reactions and soils in 4-H In Action, part of the national program SERIES (Science Experiences and Resources for Informal Educational Settings). Teens from throughout the state will lead experiments and demonstrations that involve children in the audience.

    The School of Consumer and Family Sciences exhibits will teach adults and children the importance of good nutrition and food safety. Children will learn the consequences of improper food handling and the dangers of contamination through a mystery story and a rap song called "Pathogens are on your Path."

    The 1995 Food and Nutrition Guide will provide information on nutrition, the food pyramid and dietary guidelines, and will show visitors the quickest and easiest ways to calculate fat grams.

    The exhibit Pathway to Water Quality will show the dangers of water pollution and watershed contamination while highlighting Extension's role in improving and protecting water quality in Indiana.

    Zamarano, an international undergraduate exchange program with the Honduras, will demonstrate the need for communication and understanding in the global community of the future.

    Breaking New Ground, Purdue's program to assist farmers permanently injured in farming accidents, will have interactive exhibits that show ways to avoid injuries through farm safety.

    In addition to providing information on the safe use of pesticides and the dangers of careless pesticide application, Integrated Pest Management will provide information on insects that help keep crops and lawns healthy and insects that damage property. Some predator insects that reduce the need for pesticides will be on display. Purdue's Plant and Pest Diagnostic Lab will provide on-site diagnostic services and Master Gardeners will answer gardening and horticulture questions.

    Purdue's exhibits will be located in the west end of the Pioneer Hi-Bred Our Land Pavilion at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

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