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Learning Experts

Attention deficit disorder

John R. Burgess
Assistant professor, foods and nutrition

(765) 494-8239


Found an apparent tie between a lack of Omega-3 fatty acids and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in young boys.

Mary L. Campbell
Coordinator, Disability Services

(765) 494-6995; home: (317) 743-8851

Assesses college students referred with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. identifies ADHD through observation, testing, behavior ratings and by the reports of family and friends. Supervises a support group for ADHD students.

Betsy Hoza
Assistant professor, psychological science

(765) 494-6996

Research includes motivation and achievement in children diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Also studies the treatment of ADHD.

Sidney M. Moon
Assistant professor, educational psychology

(765) 494-7301; home: (317) 463-3692


Has studied the characteristics of gifted children who also have learning disabilities or attention deficit disorder.

Sydney S. Zentall
Professor, special education and psychology

(765) 494-7347; home: (317) 463-2589


National authority on attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Research focuses on seriously emotionally handicapped children, particularly those who have ADHD.


Mary L. Campbell
For biography , see "Attention deficit disorder"

Sarah J. Templin
Program specialist, learning disabilities, Dean of Students Office

(765) 494-1144; home: (317) 447-911

Is an adviser for Purdue Adaptive Learners Society. Works with college students with learning disabilities.

Special education, mainstreaming

Karen E. Diamond
Assistant professor, early childhood education and child development

Director, Child Development Laboratory

(765) 494-2958


Researches children's understanding of disabilities and the inclusion of children with disabilities in regular education programs. Has expertise in early childhood special education. Is consulting editor for Early Childhood Research Quarterly.

Mainstreaming (cont.)

George R. Karlan
Associate professor, special education

(765) 494-7335; home: (317) 463-4881


Studies the development of social-communicative interaction and problem-solving skills by individuals with severe disabilities and ways to increase their participation in educational, vocational and community activities.

Margo A. Mastropieri
Professor, special education

(765) 494-7346

Nationally recognized authority on learning disabilities. Researches learning and memory of students with mild disabilities, as well as effective teaching and mainstreaming strategies. Is co-editor of the journal Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities and is on editorial boards of seven other journals on special education and educational psychology.

Thomas E. Scruggs
Professor, special education

(765) 494-0870; home: (317) 463-4500

National authority on learning disabilities. Studies learning and memory of children with mild disabilities, and effective teaching and mainstreaming strategies. Is co-editor of Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities.