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Purdue Society of Professional Engineers Machine Step List

1. Insert quarter into mission control tower.

2. Quarter completes circuit in light socket (satellite dish).

3. Spin pop turns on and drops a weight.

4. Weight opens stopcock on countdown buret.

5. Buret drains turning waterwheel.

6. Spinning waterwheel advances rocket down track.

7. Rocket activates vacuum pump.

8. Vacuum pump sucks air from syringe (depressurization of launch pad).

9. Syringe pulls golf tee from bicycle crank arm.

10. Bicycle crank arm rotates, launching air rocket.

11. Rocket hits top of launch tube, striking teeter-totter, docking with the International Space Station.

12. Teeter-totter drops small ball bearing into funnel.

13. Ball bearing bounces through trampoline gauntlet (meteor shower) and lands in funnel.

14. Ball bearing sticks to magnetic transfer arm, causing rotation to slingshot spaceship around moon.

15. Rotating arm pulls string attached to mousetrap, launching spaceship at warp speed.

16. Mousetrap launches pingpong ball (shielded spaceship) into heating duct (worm hole).

17. Pingpong balls get caught in hair dryer jet stream (gravitational pull of the moon, Phobos).

18. Record player rotates hair dryer and pingpong ball around the moon and drops ball into pipe.

19. Pingpong ball hits target, releasing spoon as the spaceship begins its final descent to Mars.

20. Spoon drops large ball bearing into clear pipe.

21. Large ball bearing travels through pipe and hits spring pivot.

22. Spring pivot hits magnet, releasing space shuttle, which has come out of warp speed as it enters Mars' atmosphere.

23. Space shuttle descends track and deactivates electromagnet as it lands on Mars.

24. Electromagnet drops small ball bearing into rubber stopper (water generation system).

25. Ball bearing redirects steam from boiling water on hot plate into balloon.

26. Balloon expands under water, raising water level above exit tube.

27. Heightened water level begins siphoning water into windowsill planter (water reservoir).

28. Siphoned water raises water level of three-liter bottle above exit tube.

29. Heightened water level begins siphoning water into windowsill planter (water reservoir).

30. Increased water level in windowsill planter raises floating Styrofoam block.

31. Raised Styrofoam block hits switch, turning on drill.

32. Drill turns belt drive attached to water screw (Martian aqueduct).

33. Water screw moves water uphill and into track (irrigation system).

34. Track redirects water into pink bucket.

35. Pink bucket fills up, pulling lever.

36. Lever dumps bucket of baking soda into mouth of volcano.

37. Reaction between baking soda and vinegar causes foam to rise.

38. Foam hits lever, pushing flipping car (Martian Land Rover) down track.

39. Flipping car lands in cup to stop for exploration. The astronaut exits vehicle to climb the Martian mountain.

40. Weighted cup overcomes a counterweight, lowering dowel rod.

41. Dowel rod allows counterweighted yodeling astronaut to climb mountain to plant the flag.

42. Yodeling astronaut pushing ball bearing through hole, down tunnel and into rat trap.

43. Triggered rat trap pulls spin.

44. Pulled pin causes a spring-loaded key to secure flag.

45. Counterweight in flagpoles causes flag to rise.

46. Spring from raising flag pulls a dowel rod.

47. Dowel rod causes shelf to swing downward.

48. Swinging shelf causes weight to fall.

49. Falling weight causes crankshaft to rotate.

50. Rotating crankshaft swings flagpole, thereby waving the flag.

Task Complete