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New microscope expands structural studies at Purdue

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Norm Olson (center) explains to Purdue University President Martin Jischke (left) the structural details of the polio virus during a dedication ceremony today (Monday, 9/21) for the new Keck electron microscope at Purdue. The microscope was made possible by a grant from the W. M. Keck Foundation of Los Angeles. The new microscope will allow scientists and graduate studens at Purdue to examine biological structures - such as viruses, proteins and cellular structures - in high resolution in as close to a native state as possible. Michael Rossmann, Hanley distinguished professor of biological sciences at Purdue, looks on in the background. (Purdue News Service Photo by David Umberger)

A publication-quality photograph is available at the News Service Web site and at the ftp site. Photo ID: Keck.microscope

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