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September 2, 2004

Purdue offers ag students unique study abroad opportunities

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Close your eyes, spin the globe, point your finger and you may land on a country where Purdue University School of Agriculture offers a study abroad program.

International Programs in Agriculture at Purdue now offers students 31 different study abroad and internship programs involving 25 institutions in 21 countries.

New programs include a semester study abroad in Austria, a summer study abroad in England and Russia, and Maymester programs in Trinidad/Tobago, England, Jamaica, Western Europe and Russia.

According to Linda Vallade, program leader for agricultural study abroad programs at Purdue, more than 17 percent of all students studying abroad at Purdue are enrolled in agriculture.

"Our success is due to the unique array of programs that we offer our students," Vallade said. "From studying a semester abroad in Sweden to spending spring break in Italy, there is a wide variety of programs available for Purdue students to choose from."

Katy Green, a Purdue horticulture student who studied a semester abroad in Toulouse, France, said, "I learned much more than I ever imagined I could learn during my stay in France. Besides the language, I found out many new things about myself."

According to International Programs in Agriculture, the School of Agriculture has the highest percentage of students studying abroad of any Purdue academic area.

During the past year, International Programs in Agriculture sent 180 students on study abroad programs or internships in 17 countries. Reaching record numbers, this represents a nearly 8.3 percent increase in participation over the previous year, Vallade said.

Overall, 20 percent of agriculture students participate in an overseas experience prior to graduation. Vallade said that students may participate in a study abroad or internship program any time from their freshman year to the summer following their graduation from Purdue.

During this past year, Purdue's School of Agriculture also was host to 25 exchange students from Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, France, England, Ireland, Germany, Greece and Austria.

For more information on study abroad or internship programs, contact Vallade at (765) 494-9690, valladel@purdue.edu.

Additional information also is available on the International Programs in Agriculture Web site.

Writer: Meggie Issler, (765) 494-8402, missler@purdue.edu

Sources: Linda Vallade, (765) 494-9690, valladel@purdue.edu

Katy Green, greenke@purdue.edu

Ag Communications: (765) 494-2722; Beth Forbes, forbes@purdue.edu
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