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September 25, 2001

Forbes Magazine: Purdue MBA a good investment

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – A Forbes Magazine survey reported today (Tuesday, 9/25) that a 1996 Purdue MBA graduate earned an average salary of $106,000 in 2000, up from an average salary of $33,000 when beginning the program.

Forbes ranked the Krannert School of Management MBA program seventh among all regional schools. Graduates had a five-year salary gain of 80 percent after factoring in the sum of tuition and two years of foregone salary.

"We at the Krannert School provide an educational program consistently recognized among the top 25 in the nation," said Richard A. Cosier, Krannert School dean and Leeds Professor of Management. "We also pride ourselves in providing an excellent educational value for our students and serving as a resource to the state of Indiana."

Chuck Johnson, director of Krannert professional MBA programs, said that employers return to recruit Krannert School MBAs because they have good experience with its graduates.

"Krannert MBAs are known for their analytical skills, technical proficiency and solid work ethic," Johnson said.

Indiana University's Kelley School ranked 23rd nationally for five-year MBA gain with its graduates earning $98,000 in 2000. The University of Notre Dame's Mendoza School was not ranked.

Harvard University ranked first among national MBA programs, Brigham Young first among regional programs and IMD in Switzerland first among international schools.

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