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August 19, 2019

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Nominations for Community Spirit Award being

The Administrative and Professional Staff Advisory Committee and the Clerical and Service Staff Advisory Committee are now accepting nominations for the Community Spirit Award. This award was created in 2011 as a joint effort between APSAC and CSSAC. The award recognizes Purdue employees who are active volunteers in the community.

Things to Know

This week's 'Thumbs Up' recipients

Things to Do

Purdue Faculty Writing Groups to begin Sept. 9

In the Spotlight

Boiler Gold Rush participants

Photo gallery: New year, new Boilermakers                   

More than 7,000 incoming students participated in Purdue’s Boiler Gold Rush and Boiler Gold Rush International programs, designed to welcome them to campus before classes begin. A photo gallery of the activities, which took place Aug. 9-17, is here.

Additional News

Engineering FYI: For Your Imagination participants

Photo gallery:
Engineering FYI:
For Your Imagination

Engineering FYI: For Your Imagination is a free one-day on-campus event, hosted by Purdue's Women in Engineering Program, designed to increase interest in engineering among rising seventh to ninth grade students. The program is geared toward girls with an interest in engineering and features hands-on activities plus interaction with current, female engineering students for participants.

protein discovered in Legionella pneumophila

Discovery provides path to pathogen-targeted

"Take with food" is a common warning for people using antibiotics, but a discovery may create a path to more targeted drugs. This advice for taking antibiotics is needed because current drugs kill any type of bacteria, including the helpful bacteria in our intestines that help us digest our food. When we take current antibiotics, it can cause digestive distress, and even worse outcomes.


Purdue Bowlermakers meeting Wednesday


Bradley announces 2019-20 men’s golf schedule


Don't Miss It!

Don't Miss It! is starting its sixth year of celebrating key cultural and entertainment highlights at Purdue West Lafayette. One such highlight is "Dreaming, Automated: Deep Learning, Data Sets, and Decay – Anna Ridler,” a new exhibition from Purdue University Galleries of artworks generated by artificial intelligence and their interplay with human elements. Don't Miss It!

Anna Ridler image
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Purdue in the News

Here is a sampling of recent news reports about Purdue from media across the nation and the world.

NBC News online: Invasive pests kill enough trees to hamper carbon storage
U.S. News & World Report: 7 worthwhile personal finance courses
London Register: How dodgy browser plug-ins, web scripts can silently rewrite that URL you were about to hit – and throw you into an internet wormhole
WTHR, WISH-TV: Tyler Trent Student Gate to be dedicated at Purdue
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