INDIGENOUS LANGUAGES. MAYANGNA Margo Katherine Wilke Undergraduate Research Internship Program Spring 2024 Accepted Linguistics This is a multi-faceted project dealing with all aspects of an endangered language and is framed within the research activities of the Indigenous and Endangered Languages Lab (IELLab). Endangered languages present a very specific and at the same time complex linguistic situation. Work on them may include work on a dictionary, on diagramming school materials, on preparing and adapting webpages, on coding and analyzing linguistic productions, etc... We are currently working on a dictionary project and may reopen an older project on the traditional use of plants in the forest. Mayangna is an indigenous language of Nicaragua. (Note: We do not align with any missionary work and respect all traditional practices of indigenous peoples.) Elena E Benedicto Elena E Benedicto Depending on their qualifications, the intern may be selected to work on:
- preparing dictionary entries for a Mayangna dictionary
- introducing the English translations in a Mayangna dictionary (knowledge of Spanish will be a plus),
Other potential tasks may be:
- adapting the materials we already have into a web-based interface (computer skills, a plus) - designing a website on the work conducted on the project. - diagramming school materials (knowledge of Photoshop and related software, a plus) -coding language samples (for students with incline for Linguistics).
Specific training will be provided. Linguistics or related major, preferred. 2 6 (estimated)