Branding and Promotional Design Margo Katherine Wilke Undergraduate Research Internship Program Spring 2024 Accepted Visual Design, Communication, Advertising Branding and Promotional Design project aims to provide Visual Communication Design students with research opportunities to understand branding and promotional design, create diverse promotional design materials, and gain knowledge and experience of branding and promotional strategy. Also, through solving diverse branding and promotional design projects, students learn and understand different approaches/methodologies of problem-solving in design. Hyung Joo Kim Hyung Joo Kim The Intern and PI will meet weekly. The students who gained basic knowledge and skills of Visual Identity Design through the courses offered in the Visual Communication Design program will be able to expand their knowledge and apply their learnings through the project. By engaging in real design problems and design execution through the project, students will gain extensive field experience. By working with other designers(students) and project-related professionals, students will prepare them for becoming a designer who knows how to collaborate with others. Design works as the project result will be a significant part of their portfolio and will contribute to connecting to their future careers. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Skills, Junior or Senior in Visual Communication Design Major 0 5 (estimated)