Experience Architecture Margo Katherine Wilke Undergraduate Research Internship Program Spring 2024 Accepted Professional & Technical Writing, Experience Architecture, Memory Studies, Social Media Create a research program to determine the use and adoption of an existing text, <i>Rhetoric and Experience Architecture.</i> Create a substantial report describing the "rhetorical velocity" of the text, describing how the text is being used by researchers, teachers, and students with substantial attention to invisible utilization? (That is, in an age of PDF sharing, how is the text being used in ways invisible to traditional publishing metrics?) Michael J Salvo Michael J Salvo Research use and "rhetorical velocity"* of experience architecture and related terms. Where is the text being used? Who is using the text and why: research, teaching, professionals? What new developments need to be included (looking forward to a second edition or new research directions)?
Maintain social media materials in various platforms for an existing text.

*See website below.
Book: https://parlorpress.com/products/rhetoric-and-experience-architecture
Existing Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/architectureofexperience/
Rhetorical Velocity: https://digitalkeywords.weebly.com/rhetorical-velocity.html
Interest in the "afterlife" of a published resource. Research practices of digital media required, but will teach someone with excellent research skills & instincts. Excellent social media skills and clear communication & organization. Major in Professional Writing preferred. Excellent rhetorical knowledge required. 0 5 (estimated)