Examining the influence of social media food videos on food choices of young adults in India Margo Katherine Wilke Undergraduate Research Internship Program Summer 2023 Pending Health and Human Sciences This project looks at how food video content on social media apps such as YouTube and Instagram influences the eating habits of young adults in India. This particular study is the second part of this three-part project where young adults who are college students or full-time working professionals were interviewed as part of focus groups to understand their food video-watching patterns as well as the kind of food they eat after watching the videos. Bhakti Pankaj Chavda Students will be involved with watch video recordings of focus group interviews with around 5-9 participants in each group and generating a clear transcript of the conversation in English. Some of these focus groups are in Hindi (the most widely spoken language in India) and hence, will also require translation. Training will be provided. Students may also be involved with the analysis of interview data if time permits. This work can happen remotely. The PI will have weekly meetings with the students to check in on their progress and provide assistance wherever necessary. Experience from this project will help participants understand how focus groups work in real time and how to generate a clear transcript in a case where there are multiple speakers.

Note: The student who is selected for this project will get to work on the PI's other project which will involve similar work but for a different health issue (HPV vaccination). Details for this project can be found on the OURConnect website under the "Margo Katherine Wilke Undergraduate Research Internship Program" section.
Must be fluent in both English and Hindi Must have a valid SSN (this is a paid position) Preference will be given to those with a CITI Certificate in social and behavioral sciences but you are welcome to apply even if you don't have one. 0 0 (estimated)

This project is not currently accepting applications.