Intercultural Learning through Biblical Studies Margo Katherine Wilke Undergraduate Research Internship Program Fall 2023 Closed Liberal Arts / Social Sciences The Intern and PI/Professor will collaborate so that the Intern can design the script and PowerPoint slides for 3-minute Instructional Videos designed to foster intercultural learning for the PI’s annual “ENGL264/REL264: The Bible as Literature-Online” course, with an eye towards the Intern audio-visual recording themselves in the 3-minute Instructional Videos, focused on intercultural learning. The PI will be revising their own script and PowerPoint slides, with an eye towards the PI audio-visual recording themselves in the 10-minute Instructional Videos, focused on the textbook, "Understanding the Bible, 8th edition." The Intern will provide an undergraduate perspective on the script and PowerPoint slides for the 10-minute Instructional Videos. Angelica A Duran The Intern and PI will meet weekly to set up a calendar of benchmarks and review of the weekly deliverables. The Intern will spend the first few weeks acquiring intercultural learning skills through readings and assessments, and continue through virtual and/or in-person workshops as available. Then, the Intern will bring drafts of the MSWord script and MSPowerPoint slides to the meetings for refinement. The PI will train the Intern on the Purdue campus learning platform and recording studio so that the student can audio-visual record the 3-minute Instructional Videos. N/A • strong communication skills, in oral and email communications between Intern and PI, as well as for Instructional Video scripts • strong time management skills and ability meet deadlines • attention to detail • content-knowledge of biblical studies and literary studies • strong experience in MSWord, MSOutlook, and MSPowerPoint • content knowledge of or strong interest in intercultural learning. 2 6 (estimated)

This project is not currently accepting applications.