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Thursday, December 6, 2018 - Issue #28

Training resources available for employee self-service tasks in SuccessFactors

Staff and supervisors alike will access SuccessFactors through the Employee Launchpad on the OneCampus Portal ( All employees can quickly view a Cheat Sheet, a single page resource providing quick information on how to access and change personal information. The Cheat Sheet displays:

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Requesting time off through SuccessFactors training resources available

All benefits-eligible employees will request time off through the Time Off tile in SuccessFactors. Employees will see available balances for vacation (when applicable) and sick leave. A drop-down list of ‘other’ leaves contains less common requests such as bereavement, jury duty and business-oriented leaves.

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Time Off Frequently Ask Questions (FAQS) Available

The Purdue Today article Leave policies, practices updated in preparation for transition to SuccessFactors announced recently approved updates in preparation for the SuccessFactors upgrade set for January. For the first time, all benefits eligible employees will submit time off requests online.

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SuccessFactors Timekeeping Training Resources Available

December 24 through January 6 is the first biweekly pay period processed through SuccessFactors. Those working holiday or winter recess hours will have access to SuccessFactors to record time.

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