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Thursday, September 14, 2017 - Issue #8

Enterprise Asset Management prepares for October deployment

As the transformation project moves forward and prepares to roll out via its three-phased approach, in keeping with the original timeline, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) will be the first phase to deploy.

Implemenation Timeline

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Data preparations underway for HCM and General Ledger transformation implementations

Transform Purdue will see Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) deploy its two work streams in October as the first phase of the transformation project’s implementation. Human Capital Management (HCM) will follow in January with General Ledger (Finance) next July. To prepare for the second and third phases of the overall, multi-layered transformation project, data has to be prepared and made ready for a manageable transfer to the new system.

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Change network, go-tos and more provide necessary support to transformation project

The change network for the Transform Purdue project plays an integral role in the successful implementation of the projects. The addition of the academic go-tos to the change network structure, which was shared in the September 6 Transform Purdue blog, enhances the change network and provides a bridge between project teams and Purdue staff. As support for the transformation continues to be shown from upper-level leadership, including President Mitch Daniels, the project is on pace to make the impactful and necessary changes to the way Purdue does business.

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