Krannert Summer Minor Courses

Are you looking to earn a business minor, but have a packed course schedule? Krannert is offering a new option to help you earn that minor during summer.

The Krannert Summer Business Academy lets you complete a minor by taking classes fully online over two summers. The business minor helps you gain valuable and marketable skills for whatever path you pursue.

You can choose from 19 courses this summer:

ECON 25100: Microeconomics

ECON 25200: Macroeconomics

ECON 34000: Intermediate Microeconomic Theory

ECON 35200: Intermediate Macroeconomics

ECON 36700: Law And Economics

ECON 42200: Public Finance & Taxation

ECON 46100: Industrial Organization

MGMT 20000: Introductory Accounting

MGMT 20100: Management Accounting I

MGMT 25400: Legal Foundations of Business I

MGMT 30400: Introduction To Financial Management

MGMT 30500: Business Statistics

MGMT 32300: Principles Of Marketing

MGMT 35000: Intermediate Accounting I

MGMT 35200: Strategic Management

MGMT 38200: Management & Information Systems

MGMT 44301: Management Of Human Resources

MGMT 44428: Human Resources Management

OBHR 33000: Introduction To Organizational Behavior