Financial Aid

We're making this summer more affordable — over $3 million in financial aid is available. Be sure to apply for summer aid after Jan. 30.

Beyond the financial aid available at the link above, we have several office scholarships we give out. If you are an incoming freshman, check out the Summer Start Session and accompanying scholarship. If you are a current Purdue undergraduate student who attended your first semester at Purdue in Spring 2017 or earlier, has a 2.0 GPA (Summer Stay), and has yet to complete an on-campus summer course, then you are eligible to apply for the Summer Stay scholarship. Lastly, if you are a senior who can graduate in August rather than December with the utilization of summer courses, see our Summer Finish scholarship application.

A student may receive up to the equivalent of six full-time years of Federal Pell Grants. Click here to visit the Federal Pell Grant website to learn more.

Subsidized loans are determined by "years," not "terms," and eligible students get six years of federally subsidized direct loans. Students may receive unsubsidized federal loans until they borrow their federal aggregate loan limit or they reach the satisfactory academic progress maximum time frame.

Any questions can be directed to the Division of Financial Aid.

You can also check out the Bursar's Office site for current tuition and fee rates. Did you know that, in the summer, you pay the same amount for 6-9 credit hours?