Upcoming Test Sessions

Date Time Location
8/23/22 9:00 am SCHL B42
8/23/22 1:30 pm SCHL B42
8/25/22 1:30 pm SCHL B42
8/25/22 6:00 pm SCHL B42
10/12/22 1:30 pm SCHL B42
10/13/22 1:30 pm SCHL B42
10/13/22 6:00 pm SCHL B42
10/14/22 10:30 am SCHL B42
1/10/23 1:30 pm SCHL B42
1/11/23 1:30 pm SCHL B42
1/12/23 1:30 pm SCHL B42
1/12/23 6:00 pm SCHL B42
3/21/23 1:30 pm SCHL B42
3/22/23 9:30 am SCHL B42
3/22/23 1:30 pm SCHL B42
3/23/23 1:30 pm SCHL B42
3/23/23 6:00 pm SCHL B42


Chemistry advanced credit testing is offered at four times during the academic year, at the beginning and in the middle of each fall and spring semester.

Online registration is required. Use the Advanced Credit Checklist attached to the Form 231 to ensure that you complete all registration steps. Registration will open approximately one month before each session.

No walk-ins! Walk-ins are not allowed. In order to test, you must have registered by following the directions above.

Approved calculators for chemistry advanced credit testing are limited to one or two line TI-30X and TI-36X models. Please refer to the pictures provided here and on the Advanced Credit Checklist for examples. No other model or type of calculator will be allowed.

Chemistry exams are two hours long. To ensure that everyone can check in and begin the exam in a timely manner, please plan to arrive about 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. You are not allowed to take breaks during the exam, so please attend to personal business before checking in. If you finish early, you are allowed to leave early.

This is a paper/pencil exam which utilizes a scantron answer sheet for recording answers. All answers must be filled in on the answer sheet during the allotted two hour test time. No one will be allowed to fill in answers after time has been called. 

Exams are graded by the Chemistry Department, and results are sent via email in approximately  3-5 business days.

More information and study guides are available on the Chemistry Department website.