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Welcome to the Schwartz

Tennis Center Website!

We have worked very hard to make this Website useful for you. Here are a few things to check out:

  • Click on the "ADULT TENNIS" button at the left of this page.
    The "ADULT LEAGUES" button tells about Adult Leagues: Men's Singles League, Men's Quad Play Doubles, 7.5 Women's Combo League, and USTA Women's Tri-Level League.
    The "ADULT PROGRAMS" button tells about Adult Programs: Women's USTA Practice, Beginning Tennis Clinics, and Intermediate Tennis Clinics.
    The "WEEKLY SIGN-UP CLINICS" button lists the Weekly Sign-Up Clinics.

  • Click on the "JUNIOR TENNIS" button at the left of this page.
    The "JUNIOR TENNIS CLINICS" button tells all about the exciting Junior Tennis Program and even has a registration form.
    The "CALENDAR" button gives the dates of upcoming and completed events in the Junior Tennis Program.
    The "LEARN ABOUT TIM MADDEN" button contains a biography of our Director of Junior Tennis.
    The "FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs)" button answers such questions as "What tennis clinic do I register my child in ?", "What should my child bring to the tennis clinic ?" and "How often should my child play tennis?".
    The "MATCH PLAY FOR JUNIOR CLINIC PARTICIPANTS" button shows the dates and times of upcoming junior matches.
    The "OUTSTANDING PERFORMERS" button lists some juniors who have state, midwest, and national rankings.
    The "USTA JUNIOR TEAM TENNIS" is an information and registration form for summer USTA Junior Team Tennis.
    The "CAMPS" button gives complete information about Black & Gold Tennis Camps at the Schwartz Tennis Center,
  • Click on the "HOURS" button at the top of this page. We have calendars for each month showing exactly when the facility is open.
  • Click on the "RATES AND RESERVATIONS" button at the left of this page. This gives you all the latest information about facility hours, court fees, and permanent court reservations.
  • Click on the "TOURNAMENTS" button at the left of this page. This tells you about all tournaments currently scheduled for the facility. You can follow links to the USTA to register for the USTA tournaments.
  • Click on the "PRO SHOP" button at the left of this page for information about racquet restringing, balls, dampeners, and grips now available at our tennis facility.

Let us know what you think of the new Website and tell us about any additions or modifications that you would like to see.

Joe Braden
Tennis Facility Manager

Lisa Braden
Operations Assistant