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Pro Shop Has Strings, Grips,

and Vibration Dampeners

Forget to bring a can of tennis balls? That grip showing some wear? Lose your vibration dampener? Break a string while playing?

Don't worry! Our Pro Shop can help with all of these situations. Take a look at our latest list of products and services. For each string, we give suggestions concerning who might benefit best from that string. We offer very low costs for the string and stringing. In addition, we will do the job with your provided string for only $15.00. We have grips and dampeners available, and, of course, Wilson US Open Tennis Balls. Please stop by the Pro Shop (at the Schwartz Tennis Center Control Desk) if you have a request for a special type of string, grip, or dampener. We will be glad to order anything, if available.

New in our Pro Shop is the Wilson Micro Dry Plus Grip. This grip has been designed for maximum moisture absorption. It is extra thick for more comfort and softer for better stretch. Microfibre felt with Rayon absorbs moisture more quickly and dries more quickly. Stop by the Pro Shop and ask for the Wilson Micro Dry Plus Grip!