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Big thanks to Alcoa Foundation for giving Purdue University the opportunity to receive a generous grant that has helped the West Lafayette campus launch a bike share program. Purdue Bike Share, which started a soft launch on Monday, August 3, 2015 hosted an official launch event on the 26th with guest speakers (President Daniels, Alcoa Foundation Reps, Zagster Reps, and University Sustainability Staff)

The event was featured on WLFI and The Exponent as it featured both President Daniels and the CEO of Zagster Tim Ericson. President Daniel's was very excited about the program, stating “This along with the other obvious attractive features — wellness, fitness, and being environmentally friendly — the Zagster program provides even more convenience than we already have,” said Daniels. “…I hope it means a lot more convenience for our students. We are very intent on minimizing the travel time whether it’s on foot or some other way. We want students to get to class and where they are going as fast as they can.”

Bike share is an exciting opportunity for students, faculty, staff, and community members to share bikes while on campus. The program is open to anyone in our community and any campus visitors.

Please view the following links to learn more or see a quick tutorial on using the service.

J&C News Article

Zagster Station Map

How to use Zagster: