Earth Week 2017

Please Join Us!

Earth Week is a celebration of our environment, and bringing awareness to the issues that plaque our environment. Earth Day, the peak of Earth Week, was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970. Every year, Purdue celebrates this week with a week of events, challenges, information sessions, and fun! We invite you to participate in next years Earth Week if you didn't get the chance to this year, and you can see the list of events we held for Earth Week 2017 below:

Monday 4/17:

Starting Monday 3pm: PMU Dining and Catering’s Recycle Week kicks off with the launch of the Bottle Cap Challenge. Greek life versus Residential Halls to see who can bring in the most bottle caps for recycling. Bring your own bottle caps and exchange Caps for Kisses… Hershey Kisses. Venue: PMU

Whistler Pollinator Garden Ribbon Cuttion 3-4:30pm: This ribbon cutting event will introduce the Whistler Pollinator Garden to Purdue. Come ask questions to the grounds, horticulture, and landscape architecture representations, and explore the garden! Venue: Whistler Hall

Monday 6pm: Death by Design – the Earth Week Featured Film is showing in Co Rec. This highly acclaimed film tells a story of environmental degradation, of health tragedies, and the fast approaching tipping point between consumerism and sustainability. Venue: CoRec

Tuesday 4/18:

Tuesday 6pm: The Earth Week film Festival continues on Tuesday evening with Gringo Trails, a film about the challenges of tourism in beautiful and exotic locations – and ways we can protect these e destinations. Stay for a double feature and enjoy the classic, The Lorax. Venue: RHPH 172

Wednesday 4/19:

Wednesday 11am – 3pm: Join us on the Memorial Mall for the Stronger Together Green Activity Fair. Student organizations from across campus will showcase their activities and provide interactive activities. Bike to Class will be a featured activity. Venue: Memorial Mall

Thursday 4/20:

Thursday 11am – 1pm: Tree Planting Join us for the fun and excitement of planting 65 trees on Purdue University! Being a part of planting trees on campus allows you to leave a mark on campus that will last for decades! This tree planting will be happening at Horticulture Park, soon to be the home of Todd’s creek! Be a part of something bigger than yourself and see students, faculty, and friends come together in making our campus more sustainable. Free Food provided to participants! Venue: Horticulture Park – near Purdue West. This is a great Volunteer Opportunity!

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Friday 4/21:

Friday 1pm: The Earth Week Bottle Cap Challenge will be decided when Greek Life and Residential Halls deliver their bottle caps. Venue: PMU

Friday 6pm: Wrap up Earth week by joining us for the Earth Week – Friday Night Lights Out. We’ll meet on the Memorial Mall – enjoy some food and activities – then head out to turn off lights around campus. Venue: Starts at Memorial Mall. Food Provided! This is a great Volunteer Opportunity!

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