Landscaping the Sustainable Campus

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In support of the Landscaping the Sustainable Campus program, Purdue University has partnered with the Indiana Wildlife Federation to develop a Sustainable Landscape Plan.

The Sustainable Landscape Plan is a comprehensive look at the university’s forward-thinking approach to landscape design, maintenance, and operations. Purdue documented 20 goals across five program categories, and achieved Level 3 “Conservation Champion” certification on Earth Day, April 23, 2012. We have remained in the Conservation Champion category since.

The five program categories addressed in the plan are:

  1. Sustainable lawn maintenance and landscaping
  2. Reduction of use of pesticides and herbicides
  3. Eradication of invasive species
  4. Selection of native plant species
  5. Conservation, retention, and recycling of water

In addition, the plan outlined the implementation of three new projects:

  1. The Horticulture Building Rain Garden — part of a larger storm water sustainability system using permeable pavement and native plants to help water absorb into the ground. See water initiaves for more information.
  2. The Harrison Plaza Rain Garden — another rain garden installed on campus. See water initiatives for more information.
  3. The Civil Engineering Green Roof — Civil Engineering students raised more than $125,000 to fund this project. See the news release for more information. To learn how the roof was installed, check out this YouTube video.

Purdue continues to utilize the foundational goals and principles of the Sustainable Landscape Plan in ongoing improvements and landscape management around campus.