Eco-Reps @ Purdue

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Students in Eco-Reps at Purdue University serve as student ambassadors to promote sustainability and environmental stewardship in University Residences (a unit of Purdue Housing & Food Services). With almost 90% of incoming students choosing to live in residence halls, and almost 12,000 total students living in University Residences, this program enables a small group of dedicated and enthusiastic students to greatly influence Purdue's culture of sustainability.

The Eco-Reps train these students as peer educators, providing them with resources and knowledge to help change personal and collective behaviors and create a more sustainable, green campus.

As an Eco-Rep, students learn interesting, behind-the-scenes practices at Purdue and beyond, through enriching experiences such as touring the on-campus Wade Utility Plant, visiting the anaerobic digester at the West Lafayette Wastewater Treatment Facility, or travelling to local wind farms.

Currently, the Eco-Reps program operates at:

If you're interested in becoming an Eco-Rep, email us at