Our Students

The Office of Campus Master Planning & Sustainability (CMP&S) at Purdue employs a number of graduate and undergraduate assistants, who are invaluable in collecting and organizing valuable data on Purdue’s many sustainable initiatives. Our present student assistants are listed below.

Mark Rodriguez, Environmental & Ecological Engineering

Mark Rodriguez is an aspiring Environmental & Ecological Engineer with a passion for solving problems and making an impact. In CMP&S he mainly focuses on the Tailgate Recycling Team, Green Week and Earth Week. When he’s not at school or work you can find him at the Purdue Boxing Club, staying fit and healthy. If he’s not feeling up for a workout he’s probably eating sushi and catching up on the latest Blackhawks game.


Daniel Muldoon, Computer & Information Technology

Daniel Muldoon is working for the Office of Campus Master Planning & Sustainability as a technology management intern. Daniel is currently a senior majoring in Computer and Information Technology at Purdue. Daniel wants to emphasize the use of sustainable practices in every profession regardless of that professions association to sustainability.


Paige Bradley, Environmental & Ecological Engineering

As the Program Coordinator for Eco-Reps @ Purdue and a Tailgate Recycling intern, Paige is getting all the experience she needs for her Environmental & Ecological Engineering degree. When she’s not working on her degree and or job, she loves to watch Iron Man fight the bad guys while she eats Lotsa. Her favorite parts of work, however, are all the events she gets to be a part of! From Eco-Reps to Earth Week she’s always working with students and faculty to bring awareness to sustainable causes.


Madeline Moisio, Industrial Engineering

Madeline is the Project Coordinator for Eco-Reps @ Purdue. Madeline is a sophomore studying Industrial Engineering with a minor in Management. Her favorite part of working for CMP&S, other than Sarah's coffee, is the network of students who are excited about making a difference.


Nick Riedel, Chemical Engineering

Nick is a sophomore in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Sustainable Engineering. As an intern at CMP&S, he aspires to help incorporate environmental stewardship into the daily lives of Purdue students, faculty, and staff. When he is not studying or working, he very much enjoys reading a good mystery novel.


Ben Turcich, Environmental and Ecological Engineering

Ben Turcich is a sophomore in Environmental and Ecological Engineering. He strives to help students and faculty find and execute sustainable measures throughout the campus. Ben enjoys watching football and cheering on Purdue sports. You can often find him on the tennis court or golf course when the weather is warm.

Recently Graduated:

Stephen Ussery

Stephen recently graduated with a degree in Agricultural and Biological Engineering. His favorite part of working for CMP&S was seeing how all the different departments and jobs work together at Purdue to improve sustainability. Stephen has joined the Peace Corps since graduating and is in Timor Leste helping drive economic growth through agriculture!

Kathyana Queeman

Kathyana Queeman recently graduated with degrees in Creative Writing and Professional Writing. Much like her off hours connectivity, Kathyana was a whiz at social media and worked helping to write, edit, and organize major reports and grants for the office. Kat is now a technical writer working at SmarterHQ in Indianapolis!

Tamara Mamon

After getting her undergraduate degree in Agricultural Engineering with a minor in Environmental and Ecological Engineering, Tamara chose to stay at Purdue and recently received her masters in Engineering Management. When Tamara wasn't at the office helping to lead sustainability initiatives on campus she was weightlifting or cuddled up with her cats watching Netflix. Tamara is now a sales engineer associate at Contech Engineered Solutions!

Prateek Jain

Prateek Jain recently received his masters in the School of Construction Management. During Prateek's time at our office he was heavily involved with the review of LEED equivalency and certification of buildings on the Purdue campus. Prateek has moved on to San Fransisco where he is a Sustainability Intern at WEBCOR Builders!

Lindsey Hummel

Lindsey Hummel graduated in December of 2016. Lindsey worked as an intern dealing with Purdue’s AASHE Stars certifications as well as with the Purdue Farmers Market as an intern. She was the Membership Chair of the Student Sustainability Council. Lindsey received a dual degree for Natural Resources & Environmental Science and Spanish. Her degree allows her to focus on environmental policy and sustainable development.

Allison Turner

Allison Turner recently moved on from being an intern at the Office of Campus Master Planning & Sustainability and she spearheaded the Eco-Reps program in the 2013 and 2014 academic year. Allison finished a dual degree in Natural Resources & Environmental Science and Political Science. Allison was one of two people to win the Udall Scholar Award twice. Allison recieved the Fulbright Scholarship and is now pursuing her Master's Degree at the University of Waterloo.

Danielle McNeely

Danielle received her degree in Agricultural Engineering having a focus in Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering. Danielle was the president of Eco-Reps in 2015, she was the main coordinator for the Boilermaker Tailgate Team. She seeks to connect food and water security, sustainability, and engineering together to combat the current challenges faced by the globe.

Where are they now:

Patrick Brown - Project Engineer at Proven Management

Patrick Brown graduated in 2014 with a B.S. in Environmental and Ecological Engineering. His degree is themed around urban systems and sustainability with a minor in both, Environmental Politics and Policy and Natural Resources and Environmental Science. As a CMP&S intern he worked on the Tailgate Recycling program and the Eco-Reps program. He has since moved on to work as a Project Engineer at Proven Management

Kirti Chintalapudi - Attending grad school at Purdue

"Working for the Office of Campus Master Planning & Sustainability was one of my best learning experiences at Purdue. During my time as an intern, I had the opportunity to develop a Green Office (GO) Certification Program for the university under the guidance of Michael Gulich, the Director of University Sustainability. This experience taught me how to perform research, conduct interviews with university stakeholders, create educational content, and pilot test the program. Working on the GO program really helped me nurture my skills and has made me much more confident. Thank you OUS for the amazing opportunity!"

Tony Gillund - Sustainability Coordinator for Ohio State University

"I enjoyed every minute of working with CMP&S.  As leaders and project managers, the sustainability staff balance project guidance with work independence, maximizing creativity and creating a positive learning environment."

Amy Marlatt - Staff Scientist for the Environmental Science Group

"Being an intern for CMP&S was a fun and educational opportunity to take the concept of sustainability I’d learned about in my classes and apply it in the real world. I learned a lot about green building, alternative transportation, energy efficiency, waste management/recycling, and local food. Plus, it’s pretty cool that when I visit Purdue I can say, 'Hey, I planted that tree!'"

Lana Merrill - Landscape Architect for MKSK

“Camille Mahan and I had the opportunity of to work directly with Director of Campus Master Planning & Sustainability, Michael Gulich, while completing our senior capstone project for the Landscape Architecture Department. With Michael’s guidance, as well as the guidance of our other two advisors, Don Staley and Paul Siciliano, we were able to transform our student work into a national and state award-winning project. We were also able to bring the City of West Lafayette and Purdue University together to discuss our community’s issue of stormwater management. Our project, Designing for Resilience: Reshaping Purdue University’s Campus for an Ecologically Sound Future, not only gave us insight into campus stormwater sustainability, but allowed us opportunities to share Purdue University’s story at conferences in Indiana, Maryland, and Hamburg, Germany. A big thank you to Michael and the Office of University Sustainability for giving us this priceless experience.”

Manav Mittal - Project Controls Specialist at Administrative Controls Management, Inc.

Manav Mittal, recently graduated from grad school in the Lyles School of Civil Engineering. He started working as a Sustainability Specialist Intern at CMP&S in fall 2015. His portfolio involves reviewing and documenting LEED Credits for both existing and new construction buildings on Purdue’s campus. Manav examined and assessed 2D drawings and specifications for buildings like the Dick and Sandy Dauch Alumni Center, Honors College, and the Thomas S. and Harvey D. Wilmeth Active Learning Center in order to assure their compliance with LEED requirements. He also conducted an in-depth comparative analysis of diverse benchmarking tools. Manav also was involved in a project on the psychological effect of posters and stickers on waste and recycling diversion rates through a grant from Keep America Beautiful.

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