Science and Technology

Do iT (Discovering Opportunities in Technology)

February (annually, 3 days) | Grade 11

Discover why women are pursuing degrees and career options in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute. Participate in hands-on lab activities, academic break-out sessions, and social activities with members of the Women in Technology (WiT) student organization.


VISION: Explore Technology's Impact on How We Live

March (annually, 3 days) | Grades 11

At Vision, 11th graders will experience technology projects from computer animation and programming to electronics in toys and from airplanes to important leadership skills.


TEAM (Technology Expanding All Minds)

June (annually, 5 days) | Grades 8-11

Explore the many ways women in technology can help make a difference in the world. You will discover new uses and ideas in computer graphics, information technology, aviation, construction management, leadership, and applied engineering.


TAGS (Technology Advances Girl Scouts)

June (annually, 4 days) | Girls | Grades 6, 7, 8

Purdue Polytechnic and the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana partnered to provide a fun experience in technology with many hands-on activities. You'll find out how you can apply that knowledge later on and experience life on a Big Ten college campus.


TOTAL (Turned Onto Technology And Leadership)

June (annually, 5 days) | Grades 10, 11

Participate in an immersive college experience and learn more about opportunities in the fields of technology with the Purdue Polytechnic Institute. Engage with faculty, staff, and students with hands-on activities that introduce you to computer graphics, applied engineering, construction management, aviation, information technology, and technology leadership. Learn what it takes to utilize these technologies in a variety of industry settings and how Purdue Polytechnic’s degrees can lead to a great career in technology.


June  | Students rising to grades 7 or 8 | 

Gain a better understanding of the many available science careers with inspiring and challenging hands-on labs and activities.

Duke Energy Academy at Purdue

The Duke Energy Academy at Purdue University is an immersive program for high-achieving high school juniors and seniors, and secondary science teachers. During the week-long course on STEM-related energy topics, participants will be provided with resources and incentives to inspire both students and teachers in sustainable energy solutions. The program is free to all participants.

Energy Center, Discovery Park: 765-494-1610;


WOWiT (Windows of Opportunity for Women in Technology)

September (annually, 1 day) | Grades 9-12 + Parent/Guardian | Free

Bring a parent or guardian with you to campus and discover a world of opportunities at Purdue Polytechnic. Experience technology projects firsthand which are applied in a variety of ways and learn how technology can impact lives, both individually and on a grander scale.


CLAIMiT (Communicating Leadership and Advancing Innovation for Minorities in Technology)

November (annually, 1 day) | Grades 9-12 + Parent/Guardian | Free

Technology requires thinking about today's challenges and overcoming them with innovation, creativity and hard work. Bring a parent or guardian and see how technology moves the world through hands-on projects. Learn how technology can impact lives, both individually and on a grander scale.