Why Are You Here?

Welcome! We anticipate if you are visiting this page it is for one of the following reasons. If there is another reason you are visiting or you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact us.

  • Are you a guest presenter for our GS 197 or GS 405 courses and wanting information on the courses? Click here.
  • Do you support high school 21st Century Scholars want to know about Purdue Promise program eligibility or the application/awarding process for prospective students? Click here.
  • Are you supporting a student through a financial aid appeal process? Click here and look under “Once Purdue Promise, Always Purdue Promise.”
  • Do you work for a community agency or other institution and want to know about our 4-year coaching model that combines financial assistance and targeted support? Click here.
  • Are you supporting a Purdue Promise scholar and looking for additional campus and community resources? Click here.
  • Are you a potential donor and want to know more about our program? Click here and download our Program Overview.

Why Are We Here?

The Purdue Promise program assists eligible 21st Century Scholars in being successful at Purdue University’s West Lafayette campus by offering a four-year experience comprised of financial assistance and targeted support rooted academic success, social integration, leadership development, and life skills development.

Through this combination of support services and financial aid, Purdue Promise hopes to help make students’ dreams of attaining a college degree from Purdue a reality. The financial aid package is renewable for up to four years (total of eight consecutive semesters).

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