Purdue Promise program information for new students, including an overview of the program, eligibility requirements, information on confirming the Purdue Promise award, and the pre-STAR checklist can be found here.

Meet with Purdue Promise Staff to Sign a Contract

To receive their Purdue Promise award students must sign a contract that indicates their agreement to participate in the Purdue Promise support program.

Where: PMU 217

When: 10 AM – 4 PM; STAR Ambassadors will likely bring them during the Resource Fair

Boiler Gold Rush (BGR) and other Orientation Programs

  • BGR

    Purdue Promise students are required to participate in BGR. Students should not pay the $320 fee. Purdue Promise pays BGR fees after students sign their contract.

    Register: Sign up on the New Student tab in myPurdue.

  • Band Camp, Purdue Musical Organizations, and Athletics

    Students participating in Band Camp, Purdue Musical Organization’s pre-season camp, and fall sports through Purdue Athletics may receive exemptions to the BGR requirement for Purdue Promise. They can request this during their STAR meeting with Purdue Promise staff. Purdue Promise will also cover costs associated with Band Camp and Purdue Musical Organization’s pre-season camp.

  • Other Orientation Programs and Conflicts

    If students feel they cannot participate in BGR due to other orientation programs and/or personal conflicts, they should contact Michelle Ashcraft at mashcraf@purdue.edu or discuss the conflict with a Purdue Promise staff member at STAR before signing their contract. Common conflicts we can discuss and/or make alternate arrangements for include but are not limited to:

    • State Fair participation
    • Family vacations
    • New employee training for on-campus employment

Learning Communities

Purdue Promise students are highly encouraged apply for and participate (if placed) in learning communities.

For 2014-15, the Purdue Promise required first-year experience course, GS 197, is being scheduled as the Purdue Promise Learning Community. Through the learning community placement process Purdue Promise students were notified of being placed in this learning community. Therefore, GS 197 will already be on students’ schedules when they come to STAR.

  • Participation in Other Learning Communities

    Purdue Promise students are still eligible to apply for and be placed in other learning communities. Many will be double and tripled placed prior to STAR. Should students be interested in applying for an additional learning community during STAR you can assist them by:

    • Contacting the Learning Communities staff to have the student placed during STAR; or
    • Have the student discuss placement with Purdue Promise staff when they sign their contract.

    Info: Click here to view learning community profiles.

    Space: Click here to view learning communities that have available space.

    Apply: Click here to have students apply for additional learning communities.

  • ENGL 106 and COM 114 LC Courses

    There are 4 GS 197 classes that will be connected to ENGL 106 (2 sections) and COM 114 (2 sections). Students have been randomly placed in the Purdue Promise Learning Community. If you have a student placed with an attached ENGL or COM course and the student does not need to take that course, please contact Michelle Ashcraft at mashcraf@purdue.edu or 765-494-6357 to have the student switched into a different LC section.

  • Dropping GS 197 and Learning Community Courses

    It is VERY IMPORTANT that advisors and students do not drop GS 197 and/or other learning community courses from students’ schedules during STAR. If changes need to be made due to scheduling conflicts, please contact Michelle Ashcraft at mashcraf@purdue.edu or 765-494-6357.

GS 197

All first-year Purdue Promise students are required to take GS 197 (was GS 490 for only Fall 2013). This course is 1 credit and meets once per week. More information can be found here.

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