Student In Class

Purdue Promise requires its program participants to take a one-credit course in the fall semester of their first and fourth years. 

First Year Course Requirement

GS 197: Purdue Promise First-Year Experience Course 

This is a 1-credit, 16-week course designed to assist Purdue Promise students’ transition to Purdue University by introducing them to vital campus resources that can be used throughout their college experience. The course is largely experiential via on-campus field trips and in-class presentations from campus partners.  Class topics currently include:

  • Introduction to Purdue resources such as MyPurdue, Blackboard, University regulations and policies, etc.
  • Overview of topics pertaining to becoming a college student/young professional such as email communication habits, class demeanor, and how to work best with instructors and advisors
  • On-campus field trips and in-class presentations:
    • Division of Financial Aid
    • Office of the Dean of Students
    • Counseling and Psychological Services
    • Purdue Writing Lab
    • Purdue Police Department
    • Center for Career Opportunities
    • Student Wellness Office
    • Purdue Student Employment and Outreach

No textbook is required for this course. 

A sample syllabus from fall 2014 can be downloaded here.

Fourth Year Course Requirement 

GS 405: Advancing Tomorrow's Leaders: Preparing for Employment and Life after College

This is a 1-credit course designed to prepare Purdue Promise students for the next chapter of their professional journey: navigating full-time, post-graduation employment. This course will provide the students with the necessary knowledge, expectations, and skills they need to be successful citizens and employees in their post-graduation professional jobs. Class topics include:

  • Negotiating Your First Job Offer
  • Workplace Communication & Etiquette 
  • Workplace Challenges: You, Your Supervisor, and Your Coworkers
  • Meaningfully Contributing to Your Organization 
  • Your Paycheck & Benefits 
  • Managing Your Finances 
  • Financial Planning Workshop
  • Planning for Retirement
  • Purdue Alumni Association

No textbook is required for this course.

A sample syllabus from fall 2014 can be downloaded here.