Dear Boilermaker:

Welcome to Purdue University! You are now embarking on an exciting, but challenging, journey. You may encounter many highs and lows over the next several years, but the experience of attending Purdue University will be well worth the trip!

You will soon learn that college is packed with tough classes, hours of studying, diverse extracurricular activities, and countless social opportunities. It is up to you to decide how you will approach the endless options available to you. You will ultimately need to determine what kind of experience you will have at Purdue. Some of you will have a tougher time than others adjusting to your new way of life - and that's okay. Purdue's faculty and staff want you to succeed and will work hard to help make that happen.

There are numerous offices and services available to you, many of which are highlighted in this New Student Handbook. Also, included in this guide are many important phone numbers, resources, and a section of "Frequently Asked Questions" to help ease your concerns. Additionally, we have included plenty of information about Purdue's lingo, athletics, and traditions to help you gain a sense of Purdue pride and give you an edge in feeling like a true Boilermaker. If you need additional resources, please visit or feel free to call the Student Success at Purdue office at (765) 494-9328.

A world of opportunities and challenges lies before you. As you begin your journey today, we want to encourage you to ask a lot of questions and be open to the new people and new experiences you will encounter. Getting involved on campus and in the community, and working hard in the classroom, will result in a well-rounded academic and personal experience that will help you achieve a bright and prosperous future. Again, welcome to the Purdue family, and good luck!

Best Regards,

Jared Tippets, Ph.D.

Director, Student Success at Purdue

 Success Guide