Each month, two SI leaders are awarded the title of "Supplemental Instruction Leader of the Month" for exhibiting outstanding dedication and committment to helping students succeed and to the SI program.

April 2017

Sara Leidy
BIOL 111
Sara has an excellent understanding of SI, and always plans activities that really push her students to think critically in her sessions.

Jimmy Dixon
MA 162
Jimmy's sessions always provide a great example of collaboration and redirection. His energy and enthusiasm seems to spread to the students in his sessions.

March 2017

Amanda Gaskins
BIOL 111
Amanda demonstrates excellence in lesson planning and in varied activities. She is really able to get the students demonstrating to each other and in redirecting questions.

Rayaan Khatib
PHYS 241
Ray has shown great mastery of the SI model in leading collaborative activities and serving as a guide on the side for the students at his sessions.​

February 2017

Nic Angle
MA 161
Nic is a great neer-peer and an excellent facilitator and has developed a strong understanding of the SI model.

Michelle Pietruszka
PHYS 172
As a first semester SI leader Michelle has excelled in making sure all her session inlcude consistent and meaningful student-to-student interaction.

January 2017

Josh Oderkirk
ECE 201
Josh does a great job of coming up with creative activities and serving as a "guide on the side". His sessions are very collaborative and the students really seem to enjoy themselves!

Allison Kovacs
BIOL 204
Allison is a great “guide on the side.” Her redirecting skills are exemplary, and her sessions have lots of collaboration.

November 2016

John Ainikkal
ECE 201
John earned this award for his “near peer” style of facilitating, which resulted in a very relaxed atmosphere, and for challenging students to think for themselves.

Sarah Marshall
CHM 115
Sarah earned this award for her flexibility, enthusiasm, and passion for helping students, qualities she demonstrates in each session.

October 2016

Richard Cornacchia
PHYS 241
Richard has done a fantastic job representing the SI program both inside and outside the classroom. He's an excellent facilitator, a strong leader, and is always enthusiastic about helping others.

Stephanie Clymer
STAT 301
Stephanie has done a great job this semester of mastering the SI model with her collaborative study sessions. She is an excellent communicator, and always has a positive attitude.

September 2016

Tobi Gborigi
AGEC 217
Tobi has shown a real dedication for upholding the SI model and creates a welcoming environment with his sense of humor and enthusiasm for the subject matter.

Katie Rearick
CHM 257
Katie has some very engaging, hands-on activities in her study sessions as well as study strategies that students find helpful.

October 2015

Emily Buatois
CHM 111
First-year Professional Student, Pharmacy

Jason Lee
MA 158
Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering

September 2015

Megan Broecker
BIOL 203
Junior, Movement and Sports Science

Braden Lawyer
BIOL 110
Sophomore, Pre-Medical

March 2015

Patrick Tiffany
CHM 116
Junior, Neurology and Physiology

Glenda Hernandez
ME 200
Junior, Mechanical Engineering

February 2015

Zeynep Kart
ECON 251
Sophomore, Economics

Konrad Goc
PHYS 241
Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering

January 2015

JT Turner
MA 16020
Senior, Actuarial Science / Applied Statistics

Selena Staun
MA 161
Junior, Chemistry

November 2014

Ashlynn Kokaska
MA 16010
Junior, Biology

Riley Barta
ME 200
Junior, Mechanical Engineering

October 2014

Nathan Accornero
MA 162
Senior, Industrial Engineering

Hannah Ensign
MA 153
Sophomore, Mathematics Education