Purdue University’s Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program develops academic support communities of higher level thinkers and self-empowered learners. This self-selecting, course-specific, peer-led program seeks to promote active, collaborative learning involving critical thinking and transferable study skills. Its efforts are aimed at helping students pass these courses at a higher rate and thus improving their retention rate.

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Spring 2018 SI-linked Courses

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BIOL 111   BIOL 204  BIOL 302


MA 153   MA 16010   MA 16020   MA 161   MA 162    MA 261


CHM 111   CHM 112    CHM 115   CHM 116   CHM 257  

Mechanical Engineering

ME 200

Computer Science

CS 158   CS 159   CS 180   CS 240


MGMT 200   MGMT 201

Electrical & Computer Engineering

ECE 201


PHYS 172   PHYS 220   PHYS 241


ECON 251

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Coming to SI once a week has benefits such as raising grades, retaining more information, and getting to know your peers.

We recommend attending SI once a week!

Supplemental Instruction is...

  • Weekly study sessions led by a peer who has successfully taken the course.
  • An informal study group where it's ok to make a mistake.
  • A place to share study tips.
  • A way to grasp tough material and break it down into understandable segments.
  • A way to save time, money and frustration.

What Students Have to Say

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SI Statistics

When asked "If I had not come to SI, I think my grade would have been...", 89% of students said they felt their grade would have been lower.

In response to the question "Has SI helped you improve as a student?", 93% responded positively, saying that their comprehension improved, thier confidence grew, and that they found it easier to retain knowledge.

On average, 95% of the students who attended SI session regularly (8 or more times) earned a C or better in the course. About half of those students earned an A or B.