5-day Study Plan

Download the 5-day study plan (PDF)

8-day Planned Study Tracker

Download the 8-day planned study tracker (PDF)

10 Tips for Better Time Management

Download 10 tips for better time management (PDF)

Surviving Finals Week

Download Surviving Finals Week (PDF)

General Test-taking Tips

Download general test-taking tips (PDF)

Post-exam Survey

Download the post-exam survey (PDF)

Improving Concentration

Download improving concentration (PDF)

Understanding Test Anxiety

Download understanding test anxiety (PDF)

Inventory of Test-taking Skills

Download inventory of test-taking skills (PDF)

How to Prepare for Essay Exams

Download how to prepare for essay exams (PDF)

Taking a Multiple Choice Exam

Download taking a multiple choice exam (PDF)

The Study Cycle

Download the study cycle (PDF)
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