Student consultations with professional staff are available on an appointment or drop-in basis. Consultations cover academic skills and strategies related to time management, studying for exams, and reaching other academic goals. Consultations are not for course registration information, prospective and admitted student meetings, or CODO planning; please see your academic advisor to discuss those topics. This service is free to all Purdue University undergraduate students.

To schedule an appointment, please use the BoilerConnect system. For a same day drop-in consultation, visit the ASC in WILY C215.  Additional questions about consultations can be directed to
consultation staff

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make an appointment?

To make an appointment, visit the online scheduling system and select "Student Success Programs" then "ASC- Academic Consultations." You can search for the next available appointment time or choose the to see a specific consultant's availablity (if making an return visit). Make sure you include a brief overview of what you'd like to discuss during the consultation in the comments section. Once your appointment is scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email to your Purdue email account. 

What can I expect when I come to the ASC as a drop-in?

Check in at the desk in the Academic Success Center in Wiley Residence Hall Room C215. A professional staff member will come and meet you. Together, you and the staff member will discuss the strategies you currently utilize and your goals. The staff member will coach you through creating an action plan to help you reach your goals and be more successful. You’ll receive information, referrals, and relevant handout(s). A follow-up meeting may be scheduled with the staff member or a Peer Success Coach.

Does the ASC offer tutoring?

The ASC does not offer tutoring; however, we have a database of all of the campus academic support resources. We can work with you to identify which resource(s) might work best for you and your needs. In our consultation and coaching sessions, we do use example concepts in your content area to illustrate a strategy. Utilizing both the ASC and academic support resources is an ideal learning environment for most students. Combining process plus content knowledge is a good way to improve in all your classes.

How long is the wait?

Usually you can see someone the same day or within the timeframe you are wanting to schedule. 

Can I see a specific person?

Yes, we try to link the student and preferred staff member. 

Can I let my advisor/professor know?

During your consultation, you can let your consultant know that you would like your advisor, professor, scholarship chair, etc. to be informed about the meeting. This is optional, and you decide what information is shared and with whom.

What to Bring to Your Academic Consultation Appointment

Optimize your time in your academic counseling appointment- consider bringing the following items:

  • Your Class Syllabi
  • Notes you recently took in a class
  • Your planner, calendar, or other planning system (if you are currently utilizing one)
  • Any questions you might have about your academic success!