Drop-in Program

All Peer Success Coaches (PSCs) hold drop-in hours, during which students may drop-in for 15- to 30-minute coaching sessions. Drop-in consultations with PSCs do not require an application or a semester-long commitment. Students may drop in during drop-in hours to meet with an available PSC.

Where do I go to meet with a PSC?

PSCs hold drop-in hours at the Academic Success Center, located in Wiley Residence Hall Room C215. To meet with a coach, come to Room C215 in Wiley Residence Hall during drop-in hours and ask the front desk if there is an available Peer Success Coach. If a PSC is available, you will be directed to a consultation room. If there are no available PSCs, you can either wait for an available coach or meet with a professional consultant. Click here for more information about consultations with professional staff.

When can I drop-in to meet with a PSC?

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Please email academicsuccess@purdue.edu to schedule an appointment with a PSC.

What if I'm not available during PSC drop-in hours?

If you are not available during PSC drop-in hours, you can email academicsuccess@purdue.edu to inquire about scheduling an appointment with a PSC.