Cultivating a cohesive, meaningful experience for African-American Students at Purdue 

A campus-wide collective effort that will establish an intra-cultural support network for Black students. Breaking Bread is designed to enhance the academic, cultural and social experience of Black students at Purdue.

Key Programs:      The Black Male Excellence Network (B-MEN) 

The Breaking Bread Philosophy

A solutions-focused opportunity to engage in meaningful interaction that highlights student successes and progress, igniting powerful energy to expose and address barriers and disparities at Purdue in addition to equipping students with the tools necessary to identify and coordinate appropriate strategic responses.   

Why Bread?

The process of making bread is quite extensive and serves as the perfect metaphor for identifying and understanding student experiences and how we at Purdue can engage to challenge and support students in rising to their greatest potential to become productive leaders and global citizens.

The process of making [bread] involves…

Accurately weighing ingredients where each ingredient is extremely valuable and important. Mixing and kneading to distribute [its] ingredients evenly throughout and to develop and strengthen [it] to form [its] framework. Proofing prepares [it] to rise. Dividing, pressing, and shaping brings [it] back to size in preparation for [its] final proof. Final proofing enables [it] to rise again. Baking makes the bread golden and complete.

Why Breaking Bread?

National research suggests that successful black students matriculate through college because they find peer support, develop social capital and political acumen, develop strong racial identities, and craft productive responses to micro aggressions.

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The group is open to all, but geared toward the needs of the Black Community.

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