Mission Statement

Through partnership with the Purdue community, the Academic Success Center (ASC) provides undergraduate students with both credit and noncredit opportunities to develop students’ transferable academic skills, enhance learning, increase retention, and improve overall student success at multiple stages of their academic journey. 

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Vision Statement

The ASC aspires to provide all students with services and opportunities to define and develop strategies to reach their full potential. Driven by a focus on students, the ASC partners with the campus community to facilitate a culture of academic confidence, tenacity, and, ultimately, success. 

ASC Offerings

Supplemental Instruction

SI offers free, weekly study sessions for some of the toughest courses on campus. SI Leaders are students who have taken and done well in the selected courses. Leaders help make difficult material easier to understand and provided additional support.


Consultation & Coaching

Students have the ability to drop by Room C215 in Wiley Residence Hall for help from a professional staff member to talk about learning strategies, test anxiety, and more. As another support option, the PSC program provides students with walk-in hours and/or semester-long options to talk with a trained Peer Success Coach.


Online Resources

The ASC provides resources for students to use on their own. Students can download dozens of printable handouts, view video clips, browse suggested smartphone apps, and even calculate GPA scenarios.


BoilerGuide App

The BoilerGuide gives students the lowdown on many campus resources like SI sessions, success workshops, help rooms, and more. Students can download the app on the App Store or Google Play, or they can use the web app online.



Each semester, the ASC provides a variety of workshops to help with the process of learning and cover topics such as time management, procrastination, effective studying, and more. Students may even request workshops that cover an academic success topic. Workshops are free and no registration is required.


GS Study Strategy Courses

The ASC offers classes for credit taught by staff members. Studies have shown that students who take these learning skills classes earn higher grades across the board. In fact, 58% of students who take a GS course see a rise in their cumulative GPA every semester thereafter.


Tutoring Database

The ASC provides a searchable database of nearly every tutoring resource available campus-wide. This centralized source allows students to search for help rooms and tutoring programs, as well as course-specific resources. Many support options are free to students.


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