Student consultations with professional staff are available on a walk-in basis.  This service is free to all Purdue University students.  To make an appointment, call 494-5569 or come to ENAD 242. Usually you can see a staff  member the same day.  Occasionally your appointment will be made for the following week.

Office Hours Availability

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect when I come to the ASC as a walk-in? 

Carol, our secretary, will ask you to fill out an information sheet so we can do a better job of targeting areas that are important to you. This information is given to one of our Continuing Lecturers.  You and the CL will sit down and discuss how you study.  The CL will make recommendations to help you be more successful.  You’ll receive relevant handout(s) on time management, test taking etc. A follow up meeting(s) may be scheduled.  Often this process suffices to help you make the changes you desire. 

Does the ASC offer tutoring? 

Unfortunately, we don’t have funding for tutors.  We do use example concepts in your content area to illustrate a strategy.  We also refer students to the appropriate help resources, for example the math help room.  Utilizing both the ASC and academic help resources is an ideal learning environment for most students.  Combining process plus content knowledge is a good way to improve in all your classes. 


How can I make an appointment? 

There are several ways to make an appointment: 

1. Visit us in ENAD 242

2. Call our secretary at 765 494 5569 

3. Email our secretary at – If you choose email, give several time options when you’ll be available. 


How long is the wait? 

Usually you can see someone the same day.  A week is generally  the longest wait.   


Can I see a specific person?   

Yes, we try to link the student and preferred CL.  There is an online walk in schedule. 


Can I let my advisor/professor know?  

You can write name of the person who referred you on the intake sheet.  Then check that you want us to inform your advisor/professor that you came in. 


What to Bring to Your Academic Counseling Appointment

Optimize your time in your academic counseling appointment- consider bringing the following items:

  • Your Class Syllabi

  • Notes you recently took in a class

  • Your planner, calendar, or other planning system (if you are currently utilizing one)

  • Any questions you might have about your academic success!