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Violation of Rules and Regulations

  1. Members of student organizations are required to abide by the laws of the state of Indiana, the United States, or the community and the state or country in which the organization’s activities occur. In addition to a violation of the above-mentioned laws, a violation of any University rules and regulations by any member of a student organization may subject that organization and/or its members to disciplinary action by the Office of the Dean of Students. After official representatives of the student organization have been informed of the nature of the charges and have been given an opportunity to refute them, the Office of the Dean of Students may initiate action against the organization and/or its members that may take the following forms:
    1. A verbal or written warning to the officers of the organization;
    2. A limitation of privileges;
    3. Probation that may include a restriction of privileges;
    4. Suspension of the student organization for a prescribed period of time (The actions may be appealed through the Campus Appeals Board.);
    5. Withdrawal of recognition of the student organization. (The actions may be appealed through the Campus Appeals Board.)