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  1. All publicity related to a student organization activity including posting inside buildings, posting outside on kiosks and sidewalks, chalking on sidewalks, and posting on Web sites must identify clearly the student organization sponsoring the activity and must adhere to the Posting of Publicity guidelines available in the Office of the Dean of Students. Any publicity that includes the advertisement of an agency outside the University must be cleared first through the Business Office for Student Organizations and the Office of the Dean of Students.
  2. Publicity is not to be released until an Event Planning Form has been given final approval.
  3. Posters and signs may be displayed in specified areas within buildings and on the campus, provided that clearance has been obtained from the appropriate people in the following offices:
    1. In the Purdue Memorial Union and Stewart Center, the scheduling office in the Union.
    2. In residence halls, the central desk in each residence hall.
    3. In all other buildings, the building deputy or director whose office is located in that building.
    4. On campus grounds, the Office of Space Management and Academic Scheduling.
  4. Printed material may be distributed in buildings only if permission has been obtained from the building deputy or director. Printed material may be distributed on campus grounds provided that the rights of individuals are not violated and there is no interference with the flow of traffic and the orderly operation of the University.
  5. Student organizations and/or individuals involved will be held responsible for the improper posting of signs and materials that result in damaging or defacing property. Not only will the group and/or individuals involved be subject to disciplinary sanctions, but they will be required to cover the cost of removal of the materials, resulting damages, and replacement of property, if necessary.
  6. Tables are provided in Stewart Center and the Purdue Memorial Union for promotional projects by student organizations. Such tables may be reserved in the Purdue Memorial Union scheduling office. When collections or solicitations of money are to be made, an Event Planning Form must be initiated in the Office of the Dean of Students.