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Campus Mail

  1. The Campus Mail Service is provided by the Purchasing Department through the General Stores Operation. The service is designed to deliver U.S. mail and campus mail to all departments, staff members and recognized student organizations whose fiscal affairs are audited by the director of student finance.
  2. The service is established to deliver mail within a place of business. Mail from and to Purdue Village, social sororities, fraternities, cooperatives, student organizations, clubs or similar off-campus groups will not be delivered by Campus Mail Service. These areas are served by the U.S. Post Office.
  3. By arrangement with the Housing and Food Services, student organizations may prepare mailings to be placed without postage in the residence halls’ post office boxes. Approval will be limited to student organizations that are registered with the Office of the Dean of Students and whose fiscal affairs are audited by the Business Office for Student Organizations.

    Approved mailings must be individually addressed, alphabetized by residence and delivered directly to the main office of each unit by the sender.

  4. For additional information on mail procedures for the residences, contact Housing and Food Services.