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Procedures for Forming and Maintaining Student Organizations

  1. A group of Purdue students may become a student organization upon formal recognition by the Office of the Dean of Students. According to Article 13 of the Purdue University Bill of Student Rights, any student group recognized as a Purdue student organization shall be entitled to the use of available University facilities in conformity with regulations. Recognition shall not imply University endorsement of group goals and activities. Such recognition is contingent upon the following considerations:
    1. The approval of the constitution of the proposed student organization by the Office of the Dean of Students. An outline of the basic information to be included in a constitution is available in the Student Organization Handbook online, or at Office of the Dean of Students in Schleman Hall.
    2. The filing of a list of eligible officers including the name of a faculty advisor.
    3. The establishment of a financial account with the Business Office for Student Organizations.
    4. Any student organization not covered by Purdue University's liability insurance program (those whose finances are not managed through the Business Office for Student Organizations) must provide proof of liability insurance.  Such proof shall be in the form of a Certificate of Insurance showing a minimum of $1.0 million of commercial general liability insurance. The Certificate shall also name Purdue University and The Trustees of Purdue University as additional insureds.
  2. To maintain status as a recognized student organization the following conditions must be met:
    1. Any new or revised constitution must be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Students for approval.
    2. All amendments to the current constitution must be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Students for approval.
    3. A list of new eligible officers must be filed in the Office of the Dean of Students within three weeks of their election.
    4. Submit a new Certificate of Insurance annually within 30 days of expiration of the previous year's policy.
    5. Members of student organizations are required to abide by the laws of the state of Indiana, the United States, the community, the state or country in which the organization's activities occur, and University rules and regulations.
  3. The Office of the Dean of Students will notify any recognized student organization that has failed to meet the conditions for maintaining active status:
    1. The student organization will be deactivated if the conditions listed in Section B above (this is true of all section references in this part unless otherwise specified) are not satisfied.
    2. The organization may request to be returned to active status once it has met the necessary qualifications.
    3. If a recognized student organization is in a state of deactivation for a period of at least two years, the Office of the Dean of Students will withdraw recognition from that organization.
    4. An organization may request to have recognition withdrawn at any time it chooses.